loose ends

Thank you so so much for your lovely, encouraging comments on my last post, I can't express how much I appreciate those sentiments.

I've been spending time making up the bags that I like to pack my jewellery in before sending them off to good homes. It's quite cathartic really. I did a job lot of cutting out both floral fabric and linings last week and then, with an hour to spare before school pick up on Friday, I sewed them together. Finally, whilst the husband was reading the Model her bedtime story that night I snuck upstairs to finish off the loose ends of thread. A vintage button to stitch on and I shall have a good pile to see me through a while to come and even better, I now have some time to devote to sewing up another dress. So many ideas flooding my head at the moment.

I've been quite productive since the children got back to school earlier this month, I think starting the new year has given me the push I needed to get into second gear. Oh and one thing I forgot to mention last week is that my chandelier earrings are currently being featured in UK Handmade's Valentine showcase.

By the way, apparently last Monday was 'Blue Monday', supposedly the most miserable day of the year. I actually felt quite chirpy then but the weather today is damp and grey to say the very least.

What are you up to?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful way to receive a lovely piece of jewellery xx

  2. Your little bags are beautiful Kate and your earrings are gorgeous too. :)
    What am I up to? I'm still spring cleaning and becoming very bored with it all!:( It's all about china and kitchen cupboards this week! Nearly done though!
    V x

  3. The prettiest gift bags by far. Dx

  4. these bags are so pretty!
    the weather is a bit dreary here too~but i've been sewing as well :)

  5. What a sweet touch to add to your parcels, and very reassuring to know that you have plenty on hand as you need them. No sewing here except for the most utilitarian kind, but there has been lots of gardening and watering. T x

  6. Such pretty little bags, entirely worthy of your gorgeous jewellery :D

    It's pretty dismal here too, and I seem to have spent far too much time sitting around indoors lately watching it mizzle. I haven't even persuaded the whippets out yet today ... knitting time methinks!

  7. such adorable fabric ...
    wishing you lots of success with your new shop!
    Barbara :)

  8. Oh, Kate--How lovely! I know that for me, pretty, handmade packaging turns one gift into two...and I'm sure that the recipients of these soft and feminine jewelry bags will think so, too!
    ...and I can't wait to see your new dress! (I think you're a dress genius!)

  9. A divine fabric! You dress is still buzzing around my head. I am pleased you are brimming with inspiration. Isn't it the best way to be?

    Wishing you much inspiration and productivity.


  10. Hello, Kate! I`m glad to find your beautiful blog :o) Love your inspiraions! I`m your new follower.
    Have a crafty and bright day

  11. We really like these little coin purses! The purple fabric with the dark wool and lace are so eye catching. I am trying to learn how to put a zipper in a purse. I can't seem to make it look nice. You have really done a nice job. Thanks for sharing.


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