aubergine shift dress

I must confess to feeling a little excited right now. Giddy, even. You see, the Husband has been spending rather a lot of his spare time building a new website for me. One which, hopefully, might work. Unlike the last one which was hastily pushed to one side and ignored once it became clear we couldn't add payment options without investing a small fortune. Kind of important really and frustrating too, because whoever heard of a business where you can look but can't buy? All the categories, product text and photos have been uploaded. There are some tricky adjustments to be made but I'm hoping there may be something to show off soon. Ish!

As well as jewellery and purses, I'm venturing into a little clothing. A few things for girls and an assortment of dresses and tunics for women, the sort of things I like to wear myself and all in limited numbers. This is my first piece, a simple style shift, using the most amazing ex-Burberry medium weight cotton I found. Perfect for now with a cardi, for Spring, early Summer, Autumn, this fabric is truly special. Dress it up or dress it down.

The colour is difficult to describe but the fabric has been tightly woven with burgundy and black threads, resulting in an aubergine-y shade that changes with the light. I prefer simplicity but another reason for retaining it here is to let this fabric shine, indeed there is a very slight sheen on the surface. There is the merest touch of embellishment, in the form of some Japanese embroidered linen trim at the neckline.

Anyway, whilst I await my new website, where this dress is destined, it can be bought right here, right now .. unless I cave in and start wearing it myself, that is! Details below.

But where are my manners? Before Christmas I won a couple of giveaways and didn't get round to posting about them. I promise faithfully my Mother brought me up to be better than that!

The first was Vivienne's prize which consisted of, amongst many gorgeous goodies, some of her beautifully knitted and crocheted brooches and a bar of G&B's. Sadly I wasn't the only one who was delighted when her envelope dropped onto the mat, and I quickly lost out on most of the loot. Thank you Vivienne. The second was Ginny's woollen heart, so pretty and completely my colour scheme, it is currently hanging on one of my wardrobe door handles, so I can see it each day. Thanks so much Ginny!

It's such a beautiful sunny day here in London so I'm off to take a photo of the sky. I joined Annie's Project Sky 365 last week and it's a lot of fun finding out what everyone else is seeing when they look upwards. You can join in here if you like.

Have a lovely week, everyone.

Aubergine Shift Dress

100% medium weight cotton (ex-Burberry)
Embroidered linen trim
UK Size 10 (body measurements 34/27/37)
Currently unhemmed
Gentle machine wash
Free UK delivery (please ask for international rates)

* enough fabric to make again in size 8, 10 or 12


  1. Wow! I love this Kate!! If only I were still a size 10. But as a result of all the steroids prescribed to get my various ailments under control my body kissed size 10 goodbye a while ago ... but there's hope, I'm off the steroids now and 2012 is the year of The Diet.

    Good luck with the new website. You must be mighty excited about all that you have planned. And I'm glad you're enjoying Project :: Sky 365. I'm amazed at how fast it has grown in just a week, and it is fascinating to see all the skies in their infinite variety.

    Happy sewing and sky gazing x

  2. Gorgeous dress Kate and beautifully styled as well!
    Good luck with the new website, I'm sure your lovely clothing will fly off your virtual shelves!
    I just love Annie's sky project, I find I'm constantly watching the sky.
    P.S. So glad you enjoyed your little giveaway prize. :)

  3. How so exciting for you to expand your business and do something you love. I adore your taste and the quality of your work - I am certain children's clothes will be successful. The dress is just lovely as is the bouquet.

  4. That's wonderful news Kate - these websites don't make it easy and straight forward do they.

    I love the dress too - I think a keeper, but then business and all that.

    Have a fabulous day and I still haven't got round to making those energy bars.. I think I just need to print it off.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  5. Looking forward to your new website! Will you have shipping to Canada??
    Love the dress. The lace detail is just perfect.

  6. Good luck with the website. Lovely dress, I like the colour.
    I'm off to investigate this Sky project - like I need another project!

  7. Good luck Kate! I am anxious to see your new website and the goodies you make!
    The dress is so sweet!

  8. How lovely! I am living in slack Alice pants at the moment, but I will put this on my wish list for when I figure out what to do next in life.

  9. gorgeous dress, love the simplicity of the design. Exciting news about your new website x

  10. Very pretty dress. Good luck with the website.

  11. Oh my! That dress is perfect. The colour, the material, the cut. I must say you wear it perfectly too. Can you bear to part with it?

    The orders will be rolling in. Congratulations on the new websit. May this year bring your luck and creativity.


  12. How exciting, Kate! If everything you stock is as gorgeous as this dress (which I am sure it will be) your venture is bound to be a great success. I I hope it is an exciting and fun venture. Tracy x

  13. Beautiful, Kate. I am sure you will have many orders for your lovely clothes. And well done on the website....such an achievement!
    It looks like 2012 will be an exciting year!
    Helen x

  14. Beautiful dress Kate and I love the clean lines and the addition of the pretty embroidered linen trim...just perfect!
    Best wishes for your new website...I am sure it will be a wonderful success...
    I am thinking of Annie whenever I look at the sky at the moment!
    Susan x

  15. A website you say? How b****y marvelous! Oh, I wish you every success Kate - I'm sure it will be a great success you have such a lovely sense of colour and brilliant design ethic, good luck,

    Sarah x

  16. A new web site and a move into clothing - very best wishes for a successful venture in 2012.

  17. WOW! You´ve a really special and important project in your mind. Best whises and good luck Kate!!!
    Maider x

  18. That is so stunning - chich and simple. I adore the colour.


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