bournemouth pleasures

The Model and I had a girls' day out here recently. Grief it was busy, the beach was jam packed but at least the sun kept most people out of the oceanarium.

We've been here many times before, the children love it so much and I have to say it is well worth a visit. As well as a great many fish, eels, a couple of playful otters and crustacea from all around the globe, it is home to two rescue turtles, Crusoe and Friday ..

and a handful of sharks, including its own dive cage ..

interactive, silly!

Of course it's always possible their fascination for this place may have just a little to do with the large gift shop, that I have spent waaay too long waiting around in!

The golden sandy beach (where there lay many red-skinned lobster-likes) is long, clean, beautiful and is also, I'll have you know, where my divine girl proved she really can walk on water ..

As usual, there were the ubiquitous beach-side stalls selling 'tat' and, true to form, the Model wanted to buy from each one, eventually settling on a mood ring. Have you seen these things, they're a lot of fun? Hers would have us believe she is quite normal .. I won't tell you what it said about me!


  1. That first shot just screams 'summer' ... and such blue skies. I haven't been to Bournemouth in over 20 years ... guessing it's changed a bit!

  2. Lovely post - I shared a flat in Bournemouth back in the 60s and have many happy memories of skating at the Westover rink and walking the beaches etc. Haven't been there in donkey's years though and it's quite close to us now - must go and take a trip down memory lane sometime though maybe later in the year would be best!

  3. oh so summery!
    K has a mood necklace, I use it as an early warning system....

  4. What a fun girls day out! Truly beautiful photos. Really, a mood ring v. those mermaid snow globes??

  5. Ah the good old British seaside, I love it!!!
    I also love aquariums, I'm like a child in there. :)
    I hope as you had ice cream, candyfloss, toffee apples and a stick of rock to bring home!
    Vivienne x
    P.S. I don't trust those mood rings, you can't believe a word they say! ;)

  6. Oh i love that picture of the turtle - just so cute. That first shark pic gave me a bit of a shock though as i thought it was real! All kids want to buy the cheapest plastic tat they can find - our house is full of it!

  7. Lovely photos. The seaside rocks! I haven't been to Bournemouth for donkey's years, looks like you had fun.

  8. Ahh... photos tell a story of a day well spent... Lovely! I am always in the mood for visits to such places!

  9. Oooh, I was a Bournemouth girl once. Your beach photo took me straight back there. We have a mood bracelet at our house. Sometimes is best if nobody wears it! T x

  10. Lovely dress the walking on water miracle girl is wearing, is it one you've made? What a fun day out, but the walking on water ball looks amazing, I've not seen one of those before. The little mermaids in their balls are adorable aren't they! I'm like you, I watch and marvel at people sunbathing and frying themselves. I'm a sitting in the shade with my knitting type of gal. I know those mood rings, my in-laws wore them for a short while, and they were fascinating. that'll be my in-laws who are in their sixties. There's obviously no age limit to the enjoyment of those rings! Vanessa xxx P.S. yarn shopping to get husbands attention would have to be on a huge scale, he's become a bit immune to my yarn buying!

  11. Wonderful pictures - great place for a girly day. What lovely memories your model will have. And as for holiday 'tat'. I can remember the joy of being allowed to spend my holiday money on a bit of tat by my normally ultra sensible parents going on 50 years ago. It is wonderful to think your daughter's memories will last that long - and longer too.

  12. Oh, to be sitting on the sand again... Although I'd take the shark out of the equation as that's a little too real round my way.

  13. what perfect photos ... thank you for sharing!


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