mangle cloth

A while back I managed to nab some matching unused French mangle cloths for a snip from a London stall. That doesn't happen often here, let me tell you, so I was more than happy!

If you're unfamiliar with mangle cloths, they are made from lovely long linen and have any number of stripes running alongside each selvedge. They soften beautifully with use but are also helpfully robust and can take a really hot wash, which makes sense when you realise their purpose was to go through the mangle with the rest of your washing all those years ago.

I managed four cushion covers out of one cloth, with the stripe at the bottom of the cover, otherwise I would have had to make a seam. There was also enough fabric to use the same cloth for the backing, which pleases me greatly seeing as half the time they'll doubtless end up on the floor, hmmm! And because I could incorporate the selvedge, there was no hemming needed whatsoever, so they were whipped up in very little time at all.

These are destined for my French dining chairs, I needed to protect the rush seat pads from childrens' knees and kitty cats' claws. Incidentally, the tabby is driving me nuts at the moment, he is back to climbing the curtains (which I painstakingly made myself, to add insult to injury) and now I can see large claw holes all the way up to the pole. Luckily I can smooth them out but honestly, he's way too heavy for this sort of thing now so the water gun will make its reappearance if he doesn't stop soon!

Wishing you a happy weekend x


  1. I've never heard of mangle cloth - I love the colours though and lets hope they protect those lovely chairs from bad kitties!

  2. Gorgeous Kate, it all looks sooo French. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Naughty kitty cat.

    Have you tried spritzing the soft fabrics with neat lemon juice? They hate the smell.

    Lovely cushions - you know you learn something new everyday.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  4. Gosh you were lucky to snap up such lovely fabric, as you say, hardwearing and perfect for cushions.

  5. Oh these are just fab. Great find and lovely cushions. C.x

  6. I love the cushions you made - they do look French and very stylish indeed! They suit the chairs perfectly too. Hope you sort out the naughty kitty's tricks before you have to have new curtains!
    Helen x

  7. Oh dear, I have to say our cats have never climbed the curtains but Bob did destroy the stair carpet!
    PS have you tried Tesco for Mollie Makes, I think they had it there when I was looking x

  8. Hi Kate - I couln't find an email address to reply properly so am doing it via comments. Please delete later if you like.

    I'm not too sure about the bleaching effects of lemons or their juice.

    The old lady that use to live next door to us gave us the lemon tip for our old gingertom.

    Though I only ever used lemons cut into quaters and stuffed into corners of the sofa - which is white - to stop him scatching the arms so a spritz (may?) bleach - I'm not too sure, it was just a thought. N x


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