and finally

Okay, that's it now I reckon. Well, we'll see but I'm thinking you may already have visions of me drowning under a sea of cushions. But I have two sofas to accommodate, which equates to a fair few in my book.

I've used purely from the stash, in fact I got really quite brave with my snipping but, if you're anything like me you'll have a shelf positively groaning with fabrics that possibly deserve to be kept out and appreciated, rather than squashed and hidden under a multitude of material. Sounding familiar?

The top cushion has lovely old floral fabric. It is very lightweight and delicate so I backed it with iron-on interfacing and darned a small hole!

This one incorporates a small 'morceau' of French boutis. I bought a panel for next to nothing but that was because the condition is very poor. It is mostly dirty and in parts there are splits in the cotton but I cut a nine inch square, edged it with vintage grosgrain ribbon and sewed it onto my trusty linen (which is almost gone now, boo hoo!) ..

Definitely one of my favourites, the doves billing and cooing in the roses are just lovely ..

Eastern European monogrammed linen. Really thick and robust, and backed with equally strong white linen ..

Another of my favourites, vivid French red which has been sewn onto heavy hemp ..

And finally there's this one which is made from new fabric. The print actually has quite bright red stripes so I used the reverse side which is much softer, looks aged and fits in better with the vintage prints on the others.

So there you have it, and it's over and out with the cushions for now. Next up? Sewing Japanese ..

See you soon x


  1. Beautiful Kate, all of them!
    I love how you stage and photograph your cushions, they always look like they're straight out of a french interiors book, lovely. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Such beautiful cusions!! Love all the colors. Can't wait to see what you are going to sew Japanese.....

  3. These are so inspiring. I love the way that you make the most of every tiny scrap of fabric and that they are all unique but united by a colourscheme. We are desperately in need of cushions, I've bought the fillers but got no further. You've encouraged me to have a rummage through my stash... Thank you! You must have the comfiest sofas in the world :)Laura x

  4. Gorgeous cushions and beautifully colour coordinated.

  5. Gorgeous pillows!
    I need to re-case some couch pillows but hadn't thought of doing them all coordinating-but-different instead of all the same fabric.

  6. Kate this is absolutely breathtaking! Drooling over the gorgeous fabric you used!

  7. They are really beautiful cushions - you must be so pleased with them!

    Pomona x

  8. These are all really gorgeous. xxxx

  9. They all look great on your sofa. Well done!
    Japanese? I guess you mean patterns as well as fabric?

  10. They are all beautiful cushions. I think it is very brave to use such precious fabrics given what happens to cushions at my house, but I do agree it is better that things be used than hidden in a cupboard. T x

  11. The French red..a new description of red for me..is my favourite red. I have accents of it through my dining and kitchen areas..so I love your new cushions featuring this colour! I have had a lovely few minutes reading the posts of yours I have missed over the last few days.

  12. Your French style cushions look absolutely gorgeous, I love them all!
    Helen x

  13. You have been so industrious getting through your fabric stash. Thanks for reminding me that home dec projects are good for that. Your pillows and dining room cushions are gorgeous, I really get a feel for what you love to be surrounded by.

    PS I love your ticking upholstery too. I may have said that before, but I really do.

  14. so loving your cushions, I think you need another sofa so we can see some more being made... x

  15. I seemed to have missed a couple of posts, but gorgeous cushions all round. You have been very busy.

  16. It's all very beautiful over here. Those cushions against the striped chair remind me of Cabbages & Roses, which I've only ever seen online and in books mind you.
    Just the place to sit wearing your new dress.


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