vintage lampshades

I bought this set of small clip-on vintage lampshades with the intention of recovering them long ago but, the usual story, they've been sitting in my sewing room collecting dust. Making lampshades has always seemed a little daunting to me but lampshades I needed, so finally I took the plunge.

To be honest, I didn't really know where to start. Neither my book, nor the internet were much help for this shape so I ended up dissecting one of the originals and putting the new ones together in much the same way. It actually turned out to be very straightforward and a lot of fun too.

The fabric is by Cath Kidston. I have to say I don't normally go for CK ever since she became so ubiquitous. I like things to be as unique as possible but this is probably my favourite of all her patterns and it's been discontinued for some time now. That makes it ok in my book I think and, in any case, I had some remnants left from a project long gone.

I also wanted to keep something from the vintage original so in this case I reattached a single length of the ribbon trim, the colour of which just so happens to be a perfect match for the new fabric.

I hope you're having a sunny Wednesday, it's a beautiful day here!


  1. I have some of that fabric! It's so pretty isn't it? great job on the lampshades x

  2. Very sweet fabric and great results. It's good that the originals were in good enough shape to imitate. I hope we get to see them in place later.

  3. Those lampshades are precious - what a special find! The guage of the wire looks very sturdy. I love what you have done with them, great job on this! You have inspired me to keep my eye out.

    PS Cath Kidston's fabric isn't as well known in Canada (a little difficult to source and/or high shipping costs). I really like the fabric you chose.

  4. Very clever :) That CK fabric is gorgeous x

  5. OOOO its a long time since I covered a lampshade! They look lovely. xxxx

  6. They look great Kate, you are clever. I love the way you have reused the original trim.
    It most certainly is not a beautiful day here, I think I'm going back to France!!!!
    Vivienne x

  7. You did a lovely job! They look so pretty!
    Rachel x

  8. Oh gorgeous. Maybe I will brave it next time I see a lampshade in a charity shop and give it a go. I saw an ace knitted lampshade a while back and have been meaning to take one ever since, but I never seem to manage the time for it. Laura x

  9. They look lovely - you've done a great job!

  10. Beautifully done - and I do love that print! What a great upcycle!
    Helen x

  11. You've recovered them beautifully Kate. It is a lovely touch to re-use the trim. It suits them perfectly.

    You asked about my thimble - it is from my local quilting shop and very comfortable. T x

  12. Dear Kate, whatever you are doing at this moment, please stop it and have a look at my Blog ;))

    Lots of greeting!!! maren

  13. Your creativity holds no bounds Kate! Those lampshades are lovely. I agree with your sentiments on CK (apologies to her legions of fans) however the fabric in your last post is just beautiful and that chair - oh I feel giddy!

    Cushion covers are the only thing I can make:-)

    Have a great weekend!


  14. What a great idea, they do look pretty.

  15. Lovely fabric you've got there for the shades! Neat!


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