10 minute roller towel

I don't know about you but I'm in love with roller towels. Not only are they useful things but stylish too, plus they take me right back to my childhood since my parents always had one on the back of the utility door. Still do, for that matter.

I found a couple of perfect thickish cotton cheesecloth tablecloths in the charity shop for £2 each, and converted them into roller towels. It was a really quick and simple job, I just worked out the width and doubled the length I wanted, stitched the pieces together, neatened the joins by zigzagging the ends and double stitched down before finally hemming the sides.

Roller towels can easily set you back about a tenner a time so yes, I'm feeling quite pleased with myself today.

The rest of the clan have popped into town to do some shopping so I'm on borrowed time right now. I'm cleaning cupboards this afternoon whilst waiting in for deliveries .. that's exciting isn't it?


  1. That's a really lovely idea. I remember my grandmother having one on her panty door.

    Nina xxx

    ps. I keep meaning to say - the flower cutter came from hobbycraft. Hope that helps? N xx

  2. What a great thrifty make. Have fun with your cupboards!

  3. I'm with the others here - thrifty and useful too - well done!

  4. Great idea. I have a roll of vintage roller towel stuff, I really ought to use it. Your idea has inspired me now.

  5. Snap! I'm cleaning cupboards too, exciting it isn't!!
    Brilliant idea with the towel. :)
    Vivienne x

  6. I wish I had had one of those in the bathroom when the kids were growing up..great idea..no towels left messily and unusable on the floor!

  7. Fantastic, I can't believe I didn't think of doing this myself! Well, you are so clever, I love it.

  8. I love little things like your towels which don't take much time but make so much difference. I hope the cupboard cleaning was fruitful. T x

  9. Hiya, just catching up on your lovely blog after being away, full of fab creations as usual.

    Also a huge thank you for my lovely PIF parcel, what a lovely treat that was after a long journey home. Thank you so much. xxx

  10. Oh I am so channelling another decade right now, roller towel love. My girls don't know what a roller towel is (makes me sad and now I can fix that).
    PS That fabric was a perfect find!

    PS your comment re the bowling shirt was hysterical.


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