lovely days

{MLF rescuing flattened crocuses at the weekend}

Despite an unwelcome early morning frost, the last couple of days have been beautiful here, I hope they have been for you too.

I'm a busy bee at the moment, with many things to do and several projects on the go but when the sun came out again yesterday, I decided I needed a quick outing. I had just the place in mind too. This place. I Knit is a mere stone's throw from Waterloo Station, dead easy to get to and, as I found out, well worth the trip. What a great place, it is stuffed to the gills with beautiful yarn, knitting and crochet supplies and the largest selection of books and magazines I have ever seen. It runs a variety of courses, including the odd weekender, holds knitting groups in the evenings and over a Sunday roast and unusually it is run by men. Yes, men. Who knit. So knowledgeable. Fab!

Of course I had to come away with a few little somethings, it would be rude not to, after all ..

It's an interesting area to browse as well, with its own market, numerous restaurants and many small shops. I did kick myself though, when I spied some of Boris's bikes gleaming in the sunshine and realised I'd left the camera at home!

Have a lovely day x


  1. Your outing sounds like it was fun. You were very restrained if you only bought the bits and bobs you show. Or was there a little bit of wool purchased too?

  2. What a fabulous outing! Looks like a wonderful place, I would've been in there for ages!
    The weather is gorgeous here too! Doesn't it make you smile when the sun comes out!
    Rachel x

  3. It sounds like you've discovered a real treasure trove. What lovely fun for your girl, to pick crocusses in the midst of that flowery field.

  4. What a lovely little trip out. Like you, I was kicking myself the other day. I used to have EVERY Laura Ashley Catalogue - right from the very first one that I had diligently saved, taking up spacwe I didnt have. About a year ago, I threw them in the recycling bin. Have you seen how much they go for on the tinterweb!!!!! xxxxx

  5. Oh lovely, knitting shopping is my favourite, that place sounds brilliant! Of course you had to buy something. :)
    Our weather has been gorgeous up to today that is, it's dull and we're forecast rain, sadly! I had got used to the sunshine!
    Vivienne x

  6. Another good reason to come up to London and I could fit it in with the fabric shop you mentioned at Clapham quite easily - mmnnn now where's my diary?!


  7. Love the photo of your little one rescuing flowers :-) Ooh that shop sounds like heaven!

  8. Little sweetie rescuing crocuses - how lovely to walk in such a flowery field, and glad you had fun with your trip too.

  9. I've managed to while away time in that shop... wonderful. There is also a fantastic vintage shop just up the road too.

  10. Thanks for sharing this knitting place...somewhere I must go next time I'm in London! I loved the picture of your little girl in the flowery field, so sweet. Have a lovely week with all your projects!
    Helen x

  11. I shall expect to see lots of new knitting projects from you !
    We have a haberdashers/woolshop run by a man nearby - he always knows his stuff, too.

  12. Kate, I've been away from my blog and missed your lovely giveaway - dang!

    Is Lower Marsh where they have the fab book stalls - or am I getting that mixed up with Gabriel's Wharf? I should know really ... being an ex south London girl!

    Looks like you bought in a good haul from your trip.

    Bless the little one for rescuing the crocuses!


  13. Oh, that does sound lovely. Look at all the Crocus Pocus there! So pretty. Gets me thinking that I could really use an outing soon, thank you for the idea. So now I can blame you if I come home with a little something or 2.

    I love your lacy bracelets! If only I could wear alpaca next to my skin. The color is delicious!

  14. I've just found your blog, and am adding it to my favourites! I love the picture of your dear little girl rescuing the crocuses.
    We stayed on the South Bank a couple of years ago, but I didn't know of that market (I live in Australia and it will be quite a while before I get back to the UK!)


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