Well, this is the first piece of clothing I've knitted and that alone makes me happy. But despite the fact Rowan claim the pattern is suitable for beginners, it had me confused an awful lot. The instructions are fairly economical, shall we say, and I lost count of the number of times I turned to my local yarn shop for help. Now that it's finished, however, and with the benefit of hindsight, it was all completely easy peasy. Oh, and I know the ladies in the yarn shop really very well now! This is from Rowans 'Newshapes' book, now out of print but worth hunting down for a good selection of goodies using Big Wool.

Tension trouble had me discarding the recommended 10mm and reaching for a 12mm pair of needles instead. My goodness, it was almost like knitting on fingers until I got used to them but to see the thing progress so quickly pleased me no end. Oh the reward. On the homeward strait I panicked and bought an extra skein, thinking I might run out, but I just scraped by, with a teeny tiny amount left over once the sewing up was complete.

Once blocked, sewn up and tried on my first thought was 'oh no, I'm not so sure, it's rather sack-like' but having looked at it a couple of times and played about with the collar somewhat, I'm actually rather pleased. The collar was hanging down at the back in an odd way so I put in a couple of stitches to secure it to the back of the garment and I feel much better about it now.

Just finished with enough time to get some wear in it before the warmer weather appears. Or perhaps it may come into its own as a cover up once the heavy duty coat comes off, who knows.

A note to self. Next time walk past the grey, you CAN do it you know !

Last but by absolutely no means least: My heart aches for the people of Japan, they say there are well over 10,000 who have lost their lives, among them probably some Brits who are as yet unaccounted for. Watching the footage on the news is unbearable, I can only imagine what they are going through and I truly hope that those of you who read this blog are not affected. x


  1. It looks very stylish... and cosy!

  2. ooh that looks so lovely and warm and I like the style. Thanks for your comment, I knew what you meant with the first one :-) x

  3. It's great Kate, you do right to be pleased with yourself!!! You would get plenty of use out of it here, although the snow that did arrive has now gone it's still very cold.
    My heart too goes out to the people of Japan.
    Vivienne x

  4. Brilliant, there will be no stopping you now! We shall expect a full range of wraps and shrugs.
    The situation in Japan is horrendous my heart aches at the thought of their loss.

  5. I recognised the Big Wool straight away and agree that those big needles do take some getting used to. It has turned out very well and I may well be looking for that pattern on Ebay!

    The news from Japan has shocked me to the core - my brother and family were in Sendai just about a year ago for a family wedding. Thankfully they are all safe, at the moment.

  6. Your waistcoat wrap is great Kate. I like the giant pin.

    The situation in Japan is getting worse by the day. I simply cannot imagine such devastation and watching the news is heartbreaking.


  7. It's really lovely, I would wear it. Very versatile... the colour is beautiful too. Well done! (wish I could knit!)

  8. Oh, it's gorgeous! Well done you.
    I have just recently crocheted my first garment and it is such a good feeling. Now, to take on the world!

  9. What a lovely top, it'll be perfect as the weather warms up to keep the chill off. I couldn't decide what to knit with my big wool so made a snood - very 80s!
    It seems to be one awful disaster after another, makes you appreciate what you have.x

  10. wow, it looks great, you should feel proud of yourself!

  11. Kate, as always you do grey so well, in your daughter's dresses, husband's scarf and now this. Beautiful.
    As well, my heart aches, such profound loss and devestation which has marked this generation.

  12. Kate, I Most unusual and I bet it's really warm.... and the colour is perfect.

  13. The horror in Japan is unimaginable.

    Your knitting is fab - I love it. xxxx

  14. Loving your knitting..and it looks fabulous on you and the colour is great.
    On another much sadder note..I don't know how the Japanese are coping with this..so much destruction. Only God can comfort them in their loss.

  15. Just found you over at lola's place. Thought I would say hi, sounds as though we are both quite local! Great knitting. xx

  16. Oh la la.. What a fabulous wrap!!
    Love it!

  17. Your top looks fabulous, especially with the checks and top. Great first top knit.



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