splash of colour : january

I've been searching for a splash of colour for quite some time now but it's been so gloomy outside, and inside too come to think of it. But I bought some lovely bright orange clementines from my local farm shop yesterday and it must be the professional foodie in me because I always get excited when I see the stalks and leaves still attached. So when the most wonderful ray of light shone into the sitting room this morning, I snapped away at those jewelled fruits, much to the horror of the children, who thought they were going for good.

Today we drove up to Hampstead to have lunch with relatives which was so much fun. The journey up there was filled with colour too, so I took some shots on the way. I'm amazed these photos weren't completely blurry, my husband doesn't quite understand the meaning of 'slow down'!

Driving along York Road, we passed the London Eye, which I think is so beautiful. I'm glad they let it stay after the Millennium celebrations. When we were going over Waterloo Bridge the sun was in the wrong direction but the Eye looks just as lovely in silhouette. Waterloo Bridge is one of my favourite London bridges, the views from either side are mesmerising.

Here you can see the Houses of Parliament, with the flag on top.

On the left of the picture you can see St Paul's Cathedral and in the middle, the 'Gherkin' (named due to its shape) which houses mostly insurance companies and investment banks.

On the right, in the distance, there is Canary Wharf with its triangular shaped roof. Yet more bankers there I'm afraid!

Tomorrow my boy is still not at school but I have managed to rustle up a playdate. Perhaps there's a small hope I may get some crafting done!

What did you do today?


  1. Went for a rather slippery walk in the park, it's still very icy here!!
    I love your photo of the clementines. :) I agree there's something lovely about the leaves still attached!
    Vivienne x

  2. Fascinating photos! I chuckled to myself when you related asking your husband to slow down to take decent photos...that was me the other day...trying to take pics of the flood and him saying he couldn't stop 'cos there were cars on his tail! Those clementines must be lovely and fresh, the leaves are still green...just the thing to brighten the room in that lovely bowl!

  3. looks like a great day out. I sat and watched a blizzard - thankfully short lived x we decided against going out though, just in case....

  4. We were in the big smoke on Saturday, I do love visiting London.
    You're right about the stalks and leaves - I always pounch on them when I see them!

  5. I don't dare ask mine to slow down! He would think I was crazy. The London views bring back good memories of last year's holiday, so thank you for that.

  6. Clementines with the leaves still on seem to be quite hard to find. The green and orange look wonderful together.
    Love your city photos - we had wonderful blue skies yesterday as well. Lovely to see after a gloomy week.

  7. Lovely image for Splash of Colour Kate. Your London photos are great - lovely clear sky and the river looks so blue. Seeing the Embankment reminds me of when I worked in The Strand yonks ago! Used to sit on one of the benches at lunch-time, eating my sandwiches and gazing at the river day-dreaming!

    Went to Aldeburgh yesterday, will post about it soon.


  8. I love london and I hope I'll be back soon.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog
    # jeannet


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