fresh start

{warmed just pressed apple juice - does the job!}

That's it then. The decorations are down, the tree's at the recycling dump, house cleaned (ish) and there's just the hoovering to be done before heading back to the usual routine. I'm ready for it now.

And this new year brings a new style blog (although still a change or two to come, I think). Not by choice but by default as it happens; for some reason I went into that template designer section, pressed a button or two and hey presto, ended up with irreversible blog overhaul. That's what comes from having time on your hands, so let that be a lesson to you. But, on reflection, if ever there is time for a change, it has to be a new year ..

This, the final project of 2010, was a last minute one and ready just in time for the big day. I bought only one skein of this yarn, which MLF had recently spied in the local shop, homing in on the glitteriness of it of course.

The lady in the shop advised one skein would suffice for a narrow scarf. Did I listen? Nope, I did not. I cast on my 30 stitches but quickly realised there would be nothing like at that rate so I decreased gradually after about 28 rows, knitted a further 70-odd rows of a dozen stitches before increasing for the final 28 which worked really well since there was only a small amount of yarn left at the end. It was super quick knitting it in garter stitch, thankfully, and unbelievably it looks quite nice. It slightly resembles a bow tie and has gone down very nicely thank you with madam.

There's another work in progress which I'm hoping will be done in the next day or two and during the holidays I also discovered the joys of Ravelry, one more addiction to add to the list! Knitting is definitely becoming the new bedtime reading!

What craftiness have you got on the go?


  1. Happy New Year! Fab knitting there, can't wait to see what you create in 2011.

  2. Ravelry is fab - so many freebie patterns to pick from :0)

    I have much craftiness on the go so couldn't single one out.

    New blog looks fab - the template designer is fun once you start to play around with it a bit isn't it... apparently you can upload you own image to use as a background but I have yet to do that (or even look to see how it's done lol).

    Rock on 2011 :0)

  3. I want to do so much but I'm making myself spring clean (sigh) but I'll have to fit in something creative or I'll go mad!!
    Vivienne x

  4. One of the best things about all the decoration is when we take them down and the house seems larger and so much lighter!

  5. Yep, I'm well and truely over all the Christmas/New Year stuff too. Just got to get Tony off from under my feet and I'll be able to get on with things!!!

  6. Happy New Year and happy knitting in 2011! Fab scarf!
    I learnt to crochet last year,and I'm hoping to finish the blanket I'm making for the bed soon,so I can start another project. :0)

  7. I'm knitting some cable!!!!! fingerless gloves - loving them. the scarf is gorgeous xxx

  8. Hi Kate, so far I've been lucky fiddling with the buttons in blogger but I can understand your plight! I have just finished some curtains today for the dining room..just light ones to keep the afternoon sun at bay a little.

  9. I've been wasting time on Ravelry recently too!
    I have a half-finished moss stitch cushion on the go - half-finished as I ran out of yarn and now can't find it anywhere.
    C-est la vie!

  10. Sending you oodles on new years blessings my friend...your scarf is lovely...wish I could knit! Maybe that should be on my 2011 list {don't really have a list but I could start one..after being inspired by you!}

    Hugs for a great week.xoxo

  11. Happy new year! May it be a good one for you all. I love the scarf save and the idea that you are all sorted and ready to move forward. Your blog makeover is rather nice too, accidental or not. Thank you for the mention in your blog roll. T x

  12. Such a pretty scarf! Your blog is looking shiny and new for the new year.
    I've no craftiness going on at the moment, I've lost my sew-jo and don't know where to find it. Perhaps once this winter cold has ended and my head feels clear again, I might just find the magic again.

  13. That happened to me too Kate. I wanted to keep the old Minima page but was just playing around with different templates and then I couldn't retrieve it back! A good thing though is that photos look much bigger I think. Your blog looks fresh and open and you still have your lovely header.

    Yep, I'm done and dusted with the old year now and ready to spring into 2011!


  14. Happy New Year! I'm card making like mad. Ive commited to making all the ladies at my WI one for their birthdays and also some to sell for fundraising. Love the knitting. xxxxx

  15. Happy New year!

    I would totally bend the rules for you in my comp if I could think of an honest way to do it. There will be more though, I promise!

  16. Hiya,

    Great scarf - I have just finished knitting one myself... love Ravelry!

    I have tagged your lovely blog. Please pop over to mine if you wish to accept but no worries if not :O)

    Jo x


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