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Goodness, the past two weeks went so quickly! My Jury Service is all done and dusted and so, too, is the giveaway. I have to say I have felt like the most popular girl in class, it's been lovely (and flattering) that so many of you entered, thank you for giving the old self esteem a major boost!

There has been many a family discussion about just how the winning name should be picked but, as promised, it was left to the children to dream something up. There were a variety of suggestions -
  • attach the names to snails and get them to race, however that would mean finding around 80 beasties which, even in our garden, would be going some
  • put the names in the 'elefun' game and see which was caught in the net first
  • leave the names out on the lawn overnight to see which one the foxes didn't eat
My 'hilarious' husband suggested that had the giveaway ended during the week, I could have asked the judge or, better still, the defendant to choose a winner. Hmmm.

But the method chosen unanimously was to pile up the names and turn on the hairdryer, the winner being the name to travel the furthest distance. Only as MLF was going up the stairs, large silver bowl filled with folded name papers inside, the temptation was too great and she opened one up.

So congratulations to Scented Sweetpeas. Well done Zoe, please email me your postal details and don't forget to let me know if you prefer the original daisy earwires, or plain, gold filled ones instead. I'll get them off to you this week.

Apologies to those who didn't win but this has been so much fun and I'm already thinking about what to offer for the next one!

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. congrats to the winner, and oh your ideas of how to choose - priceless xxx

  2. Wow, some great suggestions for picking our winner.
    Every one of them made me smile.
    Though the one regarding the jury duty selection method did come close to home. My friend is serving on the grand jury this term and still has a couple more weeks to serve. Wonder if she'd try this method.
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your great giveaway.
    And CONGRATS to Scented Sweetpeas.

  3. Congratulatons to Scented Sweetpeas, lucky girl!!
    I wonder if you'd gone with the snails might it have been me!!!
    Vivienne x

  4. Congratulations to Scented Sweetpeas (lovely name!) from me too. Do you think you can get a bit addicted to giveaways...I loved mine too...all that interaction and love! Good fun!

  5. Congratulations to the winner! and sorry for the foxes that didn´t get their supper that night

  6. Congratulations to the winner and sorry for me (o: The earrings are beautiful.

  7. Congratulations to Scented Sweatpeas! and so glad you survived jury duty!

  8. Well done Zoe - great to have you back. xxx

  9. Congratulations to Zoe and it certainly sounds as if you had fun choosing. Glad your jury service is finished and you can feel you have done your duty.

  10. Hello Kate
    I love that you all had so much fun planning how to draw the name for the giveaway :-)
    Congratulations to Scented Sweetpeas (what a lovely user name!) .
    Have a great week ahead,
    Denise x

  11. I think using elefun sounds a great way to pick a winner!

  12. What fun ideas for picking a winner!
    Congratulations to the very lucky Sceted Sweetpeas.

  13. Oh my word I am so excited, those earings are just goooorrrgeeoouuss! Not sure what you mean by all the daisy earwires, plain or gold filled, bit of a jewellery dunce :-)

    oohh if only you got to use the hairdryer idea - we did that and it was such fun - mind you your idea of catching the furthest one is much better I think :-)

    Hope your jury service went Ok, I hope I never get asked to do that, think it would fill me with anxiety :-(

    off to leap around the room now and tell everyone in the house how lucky I am :-) x

  14. oohh and say a BIG thank you to your little sweetie MLF :-)

  15. ooh only me again :-) How do I e-mail you, can't find your address anywhere. Thanks, I promise not to leave another comment :-)

  16. Congratulations to Scented Sweetpeas. I love how the temptation became too great! x


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