checks and crochet

A while back I bought some vintage Viyella wool/cotton check fabric which, as usual, has been sitting on a shelf for some time, waiting patiently for the right project to come along. I love the shades of blues, olive, cream and brown that criss cross one another. Then there's the feel of it, ooh so comfy, soft, cosy; just like a familiar pair of pajamas.

I've also been hoarding an ever increasing supply of vintage crocheted doilies in a variety of shades, shapes and sizes. I can't get enough of these, they are everywhere in Blogland now and for such good reason since they lift a project no end. Including this one, I think.

So I made this cushion cover, combining the mannish-ness of the checks with the girly-ness of the doily, which I am completely in love with at this moment in time. I attached interfacing to the fabric for extra sturdiness and backed the cover with a couple of pieces of antique unbleached linen, complete with slubby texture, also keeping the original neatly hand-stitched hem that would have been done a couple of centuries ago.

I'm also totally enjoying making purses at the moment, they're really satisfying my zipping urge. With this one I went a step further than the checks and the crochet ... Liberty, aah yes, a touch of floral always does the trick! You can find it here.

Now then, who's for some haggis?


  1. Both the cushion and the bag are lovely - the crochet is reminiscent of a lace jabot worn with full Highland dress isn't it?

  2. Perfect combination!

    Errr, I'll pass on the haggis, lol.

  3. Love the check!!
    Both the cushion and purse look great.
    It'll have to be veggie haggis for me please. :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Well, I'll skip the haggis but, I must say I love the checks and doilies! Just perfect. I am so sad I missed your giveaway, what beautiful earrings!
    My goodness, you are a load of talent!

  5. Thank you, but, no - - - I'll passing on your offer of Haggis.

    Your pillows are great !


  6. Kate I think you're purse and cushion are lovely, though if you collect too many more georgeous doilies I think 'dottie angel' will come after you!

  7. I'm hearing bagpipes! Lovley xxx

  8. oohh i love them, especially the purse with that gorgeous green interior. Fantabulous :-)

  9. Oh I love tartan. Wish I had some Scottish blood but I've searched and searched and can't find any!!!
    Your little zippered bags are going well aren't they?

  10. What a lovely combination. The doillies are just gorgeous. I'm trying to create my own at the moment.

  11. An inspired combination Kate and beautifully made.

    You must be relieved your Jury service is over! Sorry to have missed your one year blog birthday and your lovely giveaway, however I'm about to console myself with your gorgeous vintage purse. Will be popping over later this evening to put in an order:-)


  12. Those are lovely! Great fabric combinations. I have the same Liberty print in lilac and in blue, it's stashed away until I can decide what to do with it...
    Laura x


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