splash of colour : november

I'm joining in silverpebble's 'splash of colour' this season. I think it's a great idea and I've been really noticing the wonderful hues that autumn has to offer.

I was driving along the road the other day when I spied this most beautiful of trees, the light illuminating its leaves so prettily. Of course, by the time I'd parked the car, the wind had got up!

At the weekend I saw this huge cloud, framed by the trees, which reminded me of a snow-capped mountain, not quite as grand as Everest but somewhere perhaps like Kilimanjaro.

And, of course, last night. Such a lot of fun, it was all over too soon but the plastic pumpkins are still filled with sweeties. Well, maybe I have pinched one or two - oops! I love the way the children really get into the whole thing and when we met up with some school friends and trawled the streets en masse, it was funny to take a step back and watch them in action. It's not quite so endearing seeing a great group, though, and I wondered how many more years they would get before they resemble the intimidating youths that you dread coming onto your own doorstep.

I had a real hassle of a day today. Getting out of the car on the way back from doing the school run this morning, I noticed the tax disc had expired last night. With hubby on a plane to Singapore and therefore incommunicado (the whereabouts of all insurance documentation a state secret it would appear), I was sent into a panic like no other. It did get sorted eventually, so we are once more upstanding citizens of this great nation, but it took the best part of the day and any plans for crafting went right out of the window.

Feeling stressed and having only a short time before the school run beckoned once again, I sat down for a little knitting session to calm down. Bad idea! Within moments, I had made a mistake and, because I haven't yet worked out how to 'unknit', I had to unravel a few rows before inserting a smaller needle and re-knitting. This I have now done several times and it crossed my mind perhaps there may be a need for a new knitting group. 'Unravelry'. What are the chances of it taking off, I wonder?!

Have a lovely week x


  1. I'm glad to hear that your day ended well but for the knitting. Your photos are gorgeous,

  2. I think you get 2 weeks grace with your tax - so destress. Lovely photos, the trees have looked magnificent this year. xxxx

  3. Wonderful photos capturing the photos really well. Do take a time to de-stress won't you.

    LOL to your comment about collecting cameras like sewing machines. I don't think so. ;-)

  4. Your pictures are absolutely lovely, especially the last one. Haven't seen any trees like that down here on the South coast! Glad you got your tax sorted. Imagine my horror when I realised a couple of months ago that my tax had run out THREE months before. And the reminder letters had been going to my old address where my car was registered! Oops!
    Have a great day, Rosie x

  5. Love your splashes of colour, I hope your week gets better from here on after a crappy day :-(

  6. Hello lovely!
    thank you for your sweet words, they mean a lot.
    Gorgeous reds, wow, have to go back and look again.
    Lets hope that peace and harmony is restored asap and you find the insurance docs.(Sounds like one of my calamities, tee hee!)

    Love Sarah x

  7. Sending you some love for a better day today....your images are lovely...the red leaves and blue sky...stunning.

    Hugs. xoxo

  8. Beautiful photos Kate, I especially love the last one, those red leaves look stunning against the blue sky.

    Hope your week is getting better!


  9. It has been a wonderful year for autumn colour but the rain and wind of the last few days have blown tgem all away!
    your photos capture it beautifylly!

  10. How beautiful these images are. So sorry for not popping over earlier to have a look at them here. I truly think that red tree is spectacular. You're a star fro joining in. Wasn't it fun? I think it might be tricky to find so much colour in nature in December. Let's see what we can rustle up xx


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