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I had a lovely surprise when I read Emma from Silverpebble's recent post, saying she deemed me worthy of a versatile blogger award. I'm very flattered but the only trouble is, I now need to divulge seven things about myself and this I found a wee bit of a challenge. So, rather late off the blocks, I'm afraid, here are seven pieces of complete nonsense that no other blogger knows about me and, quite possibly, would prefer not to know anyhow!!

  • Seven is the age of MLF as you probably do know but what you don't know is that she delights in hearing how Mummy was cut open so she could enter the world - strange child! Even more hilarious to her is that her older brother was apparently born out of my bottom!! (Don't you just know these are going to be good?) At the very moment she was born, Cindi Lauper's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' was playing on the radio and I truly believe she is living up to that introduction.
  • In my early office days, I spent four years working for a major bank in Jersey. I hated the work but loved the lifestyle before it finally became too claustrophobic. A friend of mine out there left before me for London and went to work for my husband. When I moved to the City she introduced us the following day and the rest is history.
  • I left a boring office job the day before I got married and when I returned from honeymoon did a year diploma course at Leith's School of Food and Wine. I then did work experience with a variety of restaurants, including Bibendum and, my favourite, Chez Bruce. I am now technically a qualified chef, although most restaurant chefs would be horrified at the idea as they think of Leith's as being some sort of finishing school.

  • I'm not known for my patience, although I do like to think I'm getting better with age! Many years ago, right at the start of my course, I was preparing to do a catering job and my Leith's 'three chocolate bavarois' wasn't going to plan [In short, it's a three-layer cold dessert set with gelatine which is done in lengthy stages (each layer has to be set before the next is started) and the white chocolate sets with a different quantity of gelatine to the milk and plain.] At that time, working with gelatine was proving difficult because the layers were not coming out with the same level of firmness and eventually I was so frustrated I threw it across the kitchen in a rage. My husband has NEVER let that go and whenever I get upset, he always accuses me of having a 'bavarois moment'!
  • My favourite colour is red, and always has been, ever since I grew out of the pinks and purples of my little-girldom. When I was 12 or 13, I wanted the walls of my bedroom painted bright glossy fire engine red but we eventually compromised on red for the radiator, chest of drawers and shelves on the walls. They're still like that even now!
  • I first tried my hand with knitting over 10 years ago with Debbie Bliss herself! A friend of mine knew her really well and her daughter modelled in some of Debbie's earlier books. However I was quite heavily pregnant at the time and once the bouncing boy was born, I was too busy to knit and the momentum was quickly gone.
  • Before she retired, my mother was a Home Economy teacher and tried very hard to teach me to cook and sew as a young child. I was never very interested until the day I bought my first flat and quickly developed a love of the art of domesticity. Latterly, the jobs I have done (and most enjoyed of everything I've ever done) are cooking, sewing and, of course, my jewellery!

Well, I do hope you feel your day is now all the better for this knowledge and now I need to pass the award on. I know that some of you have already taken part and some are award/tag free, so hopefully this will be accepted by these lovely ladies -

Alex at Lola Nova
Tracy at Prosestitch

Obviously if you have better things to do, or would just prefer not to, please don't feel duty bound. I'm not aware it's anything like those dreadful chain letters when everything takes a downhill turn should you dare to break it!

{photos taken at la planete des crocodiles, Civaux, France}

Are you looking at the rain too? I hope you have a happy day, whatever the weather may be.



  1. An interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fascinating insight - I would love to do a stint at Leiths (although the woman herself bugs me to death as a food critic!). I can imagine a lifestyle in Jersey would take some giving up! xxxxxxxx

  3. Love those things about you and the one about your little girl did make me laugh, she sounds very much like my middle child :-) Fab to find you on Flickr by the way :-)

  4. One of my sisters did a Leiths course a few years back and did work as a chef for a while.
    I like your croc photos.

  5. what a fun list of things xxxx

  6. It is a wonderfully eclectic selection you have shared. I do like the bavarois story. I'm also expecting great things from that pink skein of wool after reading about your Debbie Bliss connection! I hope it doesn't rain on Halloween for you. Ours was rather wet.

  7. First of all congratulations on the award. Wow, I loved reading all this information about you. I just knew you would have an interesting history! I really enjoyed Home Economics at school, they called it Food and Nutrition in my day. I thought maybe I could be a teacher in the subject, then I made the decision to leave school, and ended up as a civil servant. Bad decision I know! x

  8. Congratulations Kate!! you deserve it, I love your posts and blog. P.S. That is really interesting about the Debbie Bliss connection. My sister, the knitter, loves her work.

  9. Many thanks for the Blog Award. I'll try to post about it when I can think of seven things about myself!

  10. I just found you and now I know 7 things about you already , lol !
    Nice to meet you .

  11. Thank you so much for the award, I shall probably 'sit' on it, but I delighted to be asked. Love your photos!

  12. Great post! Thanks for tagging me, I don't usually take part in these things but, I might just be up for it today!


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