grey wool

I've been a busy bee this week, beavering away making purses to try and grab that pre-Christmas market and re-doing this bluebird purse which has been particularly popular.

I've also made this woollen purse. It's a lovely slate grey colour, lined with 1930's Bavarian purple rosie cotton and embellished with a length of vintage French lace that perhaps Liz may recognise! My mother gave me a panel of this wool but can't remember what she used the rest for as it was so long ago and loves to point out that almost everything is 'vintage' in their house now!

My star is a pure cashmere purse, which could just as easily be used as a small clutch bag. I made it from the small amount left over from this project which you may remember. I hand stitched a couple of Victorian crochet flowers on to one side, interfaced for body and sturdiness and lined it with some beautiful vintage Liberty tana lawn which hales from the 1960's, I think. I already had a zip which matches the print to perfection. I would so love to keep this all for myself but into the shop it goes.

I've been called for Jury Service starting next week and they've advised me to take along a book or something to do during those moments when I won't be needed. So despite the fact I'll be missing out on valuable 'crafting a business' time, I'm hoping to make some progress on my knitting which is coming along very slowly but also very surely.

And given I'm expecting to be fairly busy over the next couple of weeks it seems a good time to have a long awaited first giveaway, so I'll be back with details of that on Monday.

Happy weekend everyone x


  1. Such lovely crafrtwork. I have never been called for jury service, my husband was once but it was to be just after we moved to France so he was excused! At least it will give you some quiet time to catch up with the knitting and some thinking too maybe!


  2. Gorgeous purse, you always use grey in such extraordinary ways. Jury duty, I don't envy you. Although I have always loved British courtroom drama - Kavanagh QC, Rumpole, .... can't wait to see what you are knitting.

  3. Such beautiful purses. They are so beautifully made. I hope you sell lots!

  4. So chic ! !
    Your purses are lovely.

    Hey, knitting will really make that jury time fly by.


  5. Love the purses,the colours are great.
    I did jury service years ago, it did involve a lot of sitting around, but it was a fascinating experience.

  6. You have been so busy that it might be a good time for a bit of a break before Christmas. A bit of knitting and a bit of reading (and a cuppa?) - sounds OK as long as you don't get involved with any gruesome courtcase.

  7. I was on the list for jury service about two months ago, but fortunately didn't have to go in the end. I love the gray purse with the little doilies. Beautiful!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment - of course I haven't stopped following you see I was the first one here!!


  9. such lovely things. hope he jury duty goes ok, the knitting looks like it will be gorgeous in that wool x

  10. Beautiful purses! Time to pop in at your shop. Happy knitting next week.

  11. The purses are charming, and so beautifully made, zips scare me witless! And yes, I do recognise that lace, lol :-)! I love the fabrics you have used for the linings as well.

  12. Oh the combination of chic cashmere and vintage crochet is perfect. How covetable!

  13. Golly Kate they are divine, the wool and lace combo is beautiful and i love the linings you have chosen too! You are tres clever!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sarah x

  14. I just found a new love, your blog!

  15. Oh good luck with the jury service thing Kate. I used to work as a barrister's assistant and court work can be tedious with lots of hanging around. Hope you get an interesting case (if you want it that is!!).

    The purse is gorgeous ... cashmere and lace ... I don't think it will be in your shop for long!


  16. My sister-in-law absolutely loved her jury service, so much so she wants to do it again! x

  17. Beautiful stitching, all so very lovely. Hope you get a juicy case! Remember to put them away for a very long time!! xxxxx

  18. Two of my siblings have done jury service - I'm sure it must be my turn soon!
    Hope you get some knitting done.

  19. Your purses are beautiful and the photos appear so tactile I want to reach out and stroke the lovely woollen fabric!
    Thank you for your kind words about our special news - we are still floating on clouds!
    Good luck with the Jury service or should I say, with the knitting?!
    Denise x

  20. What lovely purses! Best of luck with the jury duty and the knitting.
    I'm trying to get stuff in the shop too, slow going but, hopefully a few things will come to fruition!

  21. wow you make some lovely bags! the attention to detail is extraordinary! jennyx

  22. Hello Kate
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.
    I've been having a wee read at your blog and a look at your shop and admiring all the lovely things you make! I see you're a 20 minuter too. The question I'm asking myself now is, why have I not found you before??
    I'll definitely call in again! :)
    Vivienne x

  23. What lovely purses, the combination of the crochet against the grey is charming.
    Hope jury duty isn't too dull, or too yucky depending on what you have to listen to.xx


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