frustration, distraction and a moment to savour

I'll tell you why. Today is Day One of the challenge, when you spend one hour a day (until the 26th) creating a piece of fabulousness for your child. I have to say though (through the gritted teeth of frustration), I have achieved pretty much nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Rien. You see I've come to a standstill and the only thing that's going to help is Japanese lessons. My Japanese friend, who is on the case this evening, warns though that since she doesn't sew she may not be able to translate the terms.

Doesn't sew? Don't all Japanese women sew? Have I been deluding myself all these months? I imagined the ladies throughout Japan united in sewing clothes for themselves, their offspring and then some kawaii and all things tasteful? I almost wish I didn't know now. But whilst I await my fate regarding translation, if there's anyone out there who can help, please put me out of my misery won't you?

On the other hand, you know, this hiatus is probably for the best for I am now distracted. Wrap my knuckles won't you, I've had this post sitting in my head, awaiting attention, for some time...

During the summer holidays that postman of ours (the one who burps noisily outside the door when he (we assume) doesn't realise my husband's office is just the other side!) delivered a lovely little surprise from Jane. And when I got back home there it was, waiting patiently on the mat alongside the usual bills, local papers and Indian take-away leaflets. The dinkiest of envelopes it was, the sort you just know will contain something good, the sort that looks so promising you'll want to delay opening and then savour every single minute once you can be sure you'll not be disturbed.

No, no, noooo. MLF's eagle eye had spied it too and that cute little package was pounced on within seconds. And not remembering what it could be, or indeed who it might be from, I said "yes, yes of course you may open it". So no savouring the moment, no caressing the packaging, no real thought whatsoever about what beauty could possibly lie within.

But my goodness, once I retrieved what was rightfully mine, what treasures lay inside -

For you see, each pocket has a different fastener - ribbons, snaps, vintage buttons - and contained yet more creativity within. I now have my hands on one of Jane's Dorset buttons and she provided a tablet of calming soap (how apt) plus a packet of seeds. I was like a child on Christmas Day I tell you.

Jane contacted me during the summer to warn me not to expect very much but crikey, this looks like there are many hours involved.

All in all this 'Pay it Forward' lark was well and truly worth my while so here's some advice for you - Jane's giveaway ends tomorrow night so get your name in post haste, you won't be sorry.


  1. How kind of you to say so - very glad you liked it and your photos make my little gift look more impressive than it was!


  2. That parcel looks very sweet and cheering.

    I am fascinated as to what your pattern problem is and looking forward to hearing the answer so that I can avoid the same frustrations when it stumps me!

    I think there are a few web pages where clever people have translated and explained pattern symbols. If you haven't already checked them, they might help. Good luck! It is so frustrating to stall.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Well, I can't help with the japanese I'm afraid...how very frustrating. What a beautiful gift from Jane. It's lovely when something is so unexpected...and gorgeous with it!
    D x

  4. Sounds like you need to talk to Kate at M is for made. she should be able to sort out the Japanese for you. http://misformake.blogspot.com/ and www.misformake.co.uk
    Good luck!

  5. That looks fantastic - what lovley fabric too. xxx

  6. What a gorgeous parcel to receive! Hope you learn Japanese soon :-)

  7. Sorry I can't help with the Japanese, but that is a lovely parcel you have there.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  8. I think you are doing pretty good with the Japanese as it is is Kate!What a thoughtful gift from Jane. Beautiful.

    Bother. I seem to be having a problem with Blogger of late (is anyone else?) - your posts were not updating and I seem to have missed a few. Very annoying, especially when it won't let you comment, like its going to do now I bet!!


  9. Do you know Florence at http://flossieteacakes.blogspot.com? She does some brilliant tutorials and also uses Japanese patterns.

  10. Lovely things in the parcel. Do you know, I always delay opening things until I can savour every moment! You should see how long it takes me to open up my birthday presents and cards. It's quite amusing to think your patterns are in Japanese! Your postman sounds a tad unsavoury! x


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