memories of cornwall

Back in April I posted this photo of the view I grew up with and even now I think I'd be hard pressed to find better, it always manages to draw me in. Whatever the weather, no matter your location, St Michael's Mount is always a formidable presence.

Incidentally, if you should find yourself visiting the Mount this Summer, you really should check out the Avalon Gallery in Marazion. Not least because you can have a 'geek' (as the Cornish would say) at some of my own work, but it is filled with some stunning artwork (including my very very favourite Jenny Birchall, other jewellery and fantastic local crafts (such as Poppy Treffry).

Hydrangeas always remind me of Cornwall. They are so abundant there, in all colours. They can be found in the parks, lining the roads and also plentiful in my parents' garden.

Last year they grew a huge variety of vegetables but this year concentrated on a much smaller number. Less work. Maximum flavour. And it made me feel a little bit envious that we haven't got even this amount of self-sufficiency at our own home.

And because they are not sprayed, luckily there is a very satisfactory amount of pest control to be relied on.

But of course MLF wanted less relaxation and much more action, so we were tourists for the week too ...

Happy whatever day it is, I'm afraid I'm losing count! x


  1. Lovely summery pictures - what a lovely place to grow up in

  2. wow what a lovely view ! oohh I love that site with Poppy Treffry's stuff on it, gorgeous bags, if only I had more money.

  3. You sound so relaxed! What a wonderful place to spend time in summer.

  4. We are long overdue another trek down to Cornwall. I'd very much like to check out these areas, and of course visit the shop! Your parents' veggies look very productive. Mine have been a flop this year. I've had a few runners, and hope for some summer squash soon? Not one tomato! I haven't always had the energy to keep them watered everyday. I have seen an increase in ladybirds around the garden though. More aphids! Hydrangeas are great to have in the garden at this time of year for colour. I recently bought myself a lovely blue. Very nice colourful photos, as ever. x

  5. I love everything in this post today! Your garden veggies look amazing my friend. xoxoxo hugs for a happy week.

  6. i love cornwall, i remember one morning we drove up opposite st michael's mount but it was completely hidden in mist, we sat in the car and watched as slowly it appeared it looked really spooky but magical! fliss xxx

  7. I miss Cornwall. We spent pretty much every summer there when I was a kid. I keep looking at the California beaches and thinking that they just aren't as pretty as Cornwall...


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