week's end

A lovely week in Cornwall draws to a close but I have a lot to look forward to. Tomorrow I shall be reunited with my boy. And I shall be wishing him a very happy 10th Birthday too.

Happy weekend to you all!


{ and thank you for the lovely Birthday wishes you sent to me - they absolutely made my day }


  1. Missed wishing you a happy birthday, but enjoyed your Newlyn photos.
    This is a beautiful moon over the water - looks like the end of a great week.

  2. Happy late birthday Kate. I sounds like it was a wonderful day and a happy Cornwall holiday. x

  3. Glad you had a good time and glad too that you are happy to be going home - always a good sign! Your Pay it forward package is on its way.

    Jane x

  4. oohh it is my eldest 10th birthday soon too, scary how quickly they grow :-(

  5. Oh I missed your special day Kate - but wish you many happy belated birthday wishes all the same! Looks like you had a wonderful time in Cornwall - hugs to your best boy for his birthday too!


  6. Ooh, another birthday! Hope it was a happy one. x


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