a (very) short tale

I've cherished these tights for a very long time. I bought these pretty black lace numbers with their perfect seams running up the back long ago when I lived in Jersey (Channel Islands) circa 1989, so we're talking acceptable vintage here. I got them from Laura Ashley which at the time was just a wee concession to the side of De Gruchy's, the main department store in St Helier and I paid £8.95, probably a fair bit then. They then travelled with me all over London, have seen me single, engaged, married and the arrival of two children, but all from the confines of their flat, black, elegant box.

Then, just this week, on waking up to such a cold and breezy day, I most definitely felt the need to cover up those pins again. Not with my Winter opaques though, and finding my usual lacy jobs annoyingly still languishing somewhere in the washing basket, I finally decided the time had arrived, gathered momentum and opened up my squirrelled hoard.

{the slippers are a nice touch, don't you think?!!!}

But after having waited just over 20 years for the moment, the most awful thing happened. You're thinking I laddered them aren't you? But no, think again. They are too short. TOO SHORT!! So there I was, forced to wear a pair of oversized grannie pants (a la Bridget Jones) over the top in a bid to stop them falling to my knees, still feeling the necessity to hoick them up every so often when no-one was looking! All day. And I haven't worn them since.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

On another note, I've been wanting to post about the little dress I recently made for MLF as mentioned last week. Only for that to happen I need photos, and for that I need to use bribery tactics. I need to bake!

Happy Saturday x


  1. so frustrating!

    hope the cake bribing works! x

  2. Have they shrunk or have you grown??

    I'm way too short in the body for that ever to happen....but I do still wear a pair of knickers on top (a la Bridget Jones!!) just for gusset support you understand.

    Nina xxxxxxx

  3. Being long legged sagging tights have frequently been a problem in the past, haven't worn a skirt for years now. I think the slippers set yours off a treat!

  4. I shouldn't be laughing...but I am! How very frustrating. I can rarely find tights long enough in the leg, but as I live in jeans it's not a problem!
    Happy sunday...gloriously sunny here.

  5. Ooopsie! I am sorry, but I did laugh, couldn't help myself. You are not the only one it has happened to, lolol, it has happened to me as well with a beautiful pair of winter tights. Now considering that I am only 5'2", thats quite something. I hated having to walk around like that and also kept trying to pull them up without anyone noticing. Bet they did though, lol. Needless to say, they are long gone now.

  6. Oh, I used to wear lacy tights like that back in the 80's! And I'm only 5'4", so not exactly tall, but that's happened to me too - so frustrating! They're very pretty though.

  7. Just a great story (and so well told)! I don't think I've kept anything unworn that long, so I don't have a similar story.

  8. I can't think what you can do with them. It must be twenty years since I wore any sort of stockings or tights. I just wear the knee-high sort of thing with pants these days.

  9. All of my belts have shrunk! infact ones fro the 80's are laughable they are so tiny!! xxxx

  10. Blimey I have had trouser waists shring but not tights! Just think your lovely legs must have grown even longer you lucky thing!

  11. Amazing that you have kept those delectable tights for 20 years !!! I can barely keep any for 20 days!!

    Mmm, do you know, many of my skirts and jeans have inexplicitely shrunk too ... strange that ...!!


  12. I was amazed too that you had kept them for so long. Gorgeous picture you painted there with the big knicks and your slippers. At 6 ft 1" getting any tights long enough is impossible so I go for leggings or hold ups on the rare skirt occassions.

    Thanks for your really kind lovely words too Kate.

    Lisa x

  13. you know, you can just cut off the top(in a "shorts" shape, ) then you will have two legs that you can hold up with garters.

    or you can cut off the foot part and wear it with boots(so noone will notice youre wearing different socks)


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