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There seems to be a bit of a running theme going on here, with a fair few too many claims of "I've been sitting on this ..." or "I've been hoarding that ...". So I don't suppose you'll be in the least bit surprised to hear that the fabric used in this creation has been 'sat on' for a while too. And what's more, before I sat on it, someone else would certainly have too because this one is vintage. I'm not too sure how old but it's French, possibly 1950's, bought off Ebay - yes a while ago, of course - but it's another case of that all too familiar deep breath before undergoing the snip.

It's such a pretty, dainty print I think. Dusky pink and ivory stripes with cheery floral sprigs running throughout, and just perfect for a little girl. I've been eyeing up pattern M from the first of the Japanese books I bought for girls (and still one of the best despite the fact I'd not actually attempted anything from it before). So I guess you could say I've been sitting on this book too.

This dress is decorated with floral lace around the yoke and some more trimming the pocket, plus a pretty button fastening at the back which came from one of my favourite shops in Swanage. I love its simplicity and styling.

For all its dreamy looks, however, this took the most amount of time, energy and frustration of the lot. There were practically no instructions to speak of and the real problem was trying to work out what to do with the yoke. The pattern size for the yoke facing was massive and made no sense at all. Then I suddenly remembered that Alicia had made this dress a couple of months ago but when I read through her post and saw she had had the same problems I thought, crikey if she can't work it out, then what hope is there for me?

So I slept on it for several nights, my final thoughts before slumber being of how to fix that dreaded yoke. I'm fairly tenacious by any standards but nevertheless I decided to take Alicia's advice and bought McCalls 6022 so I could steal the yoke like she did. However, after one last ditch effort and, I guess a real feeling of not wanting to 'give in to the sucker', I recut the facing again (decreasing the size massively) and somehow it fell into place. Exactly how, I do not know but anyway a Japanese/London hybrid was cultivated.

I can't believe this dress was so long in the making but if and when I attempt it again, of course it will be a much quicker job but I will use the yoke from the commercial pattern for I'm not completely sold on the hybrid, it's not quite as polished as I would like.

The dress itself I am totally in love with, although MLF did, in quite strong terms, say that she wished the lace was shiny!!! Ah well ...

As for those sleeves, flirty little things that they are, I think they are just so gorgeous and sweet - so expect to see more of these. Probably sooner than you think!

But hey, I hope you appreciate the lengths I went to to get these photos. MLF declared modeling 'so boring' and the whole exercise cost me a box of raisins and yet more time in front of the telly. At least she hasn't said she won't get out of bed for less than $10,000!!!

Are you enjoying this weather? I do believe it was Summer today ... x


  1. Very pretty! Job well done! Which japanese book is this from? I would love to make one for my girl... I probably will reread your blog post to avoid the york problem. Thanks!

  2. It is so cute! What a lucky young lady.

  3. Lovely little dress - lucky little girl to have a mummy who can do that!

    Thanks for visiting my blog - in answer to your question re the loos at Forde Abbey the ones in my post on toilets were in fact at Forde Abbey!


  4. That reminds me of a dress my mum made for me when I was about 5 - I love it. What gorgeous fabric.

  5. It's absolutely beautiful and the little ruffley sleeves are so girly. I love it.

    Thank you so much for letting me know that you'd just made something from that book too - it's so nice to have some extra information before starting work...or not, as I'm now feeling slightly afraid with oddly sized yokes and poor instructions. The illustrations are normally so clear in Japanese books - I wonder what went wrong for them here. So pleased that it turned out well for you in the end though.

    Florence x

  6. Very pretty. And clever you for working out all those difficulties - I wouldn't know where to start. Nevr mind if your little girl hankers after shiny lace - it could be worse. Bratz t-shirt perhaps?

  7. its really pretty! fliss xx

  8. Fantastic dress! Great modelling too especially for raisens and more telly, i would have insisted on chocy buttons too :-)


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