a confession ... and finally some crafting

What an uplifting day - the first in months that I've not felt the need to flick on the heating switch after the school drop off; the first I've taken off my coat and walked outside in the street; the first it occurred to me I might even get round to making some clothing with warmer weather in mind. Bring it on!!

But first, I have a confession to make. I'm afraid I've let the sisterhood that is "the 20 Minuters" down. I've been so super busy doing other admin-type things over the last week or so that the crafting has been relegated to the back burner somewhat. I have only managed to slot in a few things; namely pouches made from antique Bavarian fabric and old French and German glass buttons that I intend to use as goodie bags.

I used two pieces of interlining left over from some curtain making for inner protection, two pieces of old Bavarian farmhouse fabric for the outer and two pieces of vintage white linen for the lining. Before sewing them up into pouches, I added a scoop of organic lavender in between the fabrics and interlining. I left some unadorned so I can tie a length of vintage ribbon around the pouch, and finished the remainder off with a sweet vintage glass button. The first couple took quite a while to complete as I tinkered around and perfected my prototypes but once I worked out just how I wanted them to look, the making got decidedly quicker.

Do you remember the blouse I made out of an old duvet cover, the possible wearing of which you may have given your considered opinion? Well check out Meg McElwee's blog as the mistress herself has afforded me her seal of approval too. Another reason for taking a look is the Giveaway she's offering - namely the book I was talking about, plus some serious goodies that will be enough to make one of the gorgeous mini aprons featured inside. But wait for it, just wait for it, there are a staggering 826 comments already, with the draw on the 7th. I've never seen so many comments on one post - it must be my blouse that drew them in, teehee!!

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. you too, those pouches are wonderful

  2. What pretty material you have for the pouches. They look lovely.
    Glad to hear the weather is warming up for you. Spring must be on the way. Are the daffodils out yet?

  3. What pretty little pouches and what a good idea to put the lavender in between the layers of fabric.


  4. Oh wow, Kate that is simply loveliest prettiest fabric stash I have seen in ages and ages, so beautiful and your pouches are gorgeous too! Clever you,

    Have a brilliant weekend,

    Sarah x

  5. The pouches turned out really well, so pretty!

  6. They are beautiful Kate and such pretty buttons - where do you source your materials from?

    Spring is definitely in the air today - after a misty start it's turning into a lovely morning here.

    Have a great weekend. Jeanne x

  7. What fabulous looking fabric. I haven't had the desire to sew much lately, but as I am confined to barracks today because of a dodgy oil sump on my car, you may have inspired me to get out the machine! xxxx

  8. So pretty, so useful, lavendar scented pouches. But too pretty to keep in your drawers!

  9. Those pouches are lovely.
    It is hard to find enough hours in a day, I do agree.
    I am having a catching up on infinished projects weekends (or I was til I came on here!)

  10. Gorgeous fabrics made into very pretty pouches!
    Love them!
    Rachel x

  11. You can always catch up with your 20 minutes another time. And some of your fabrics are lovely :)

  12. Great idea to put lavender between layers - they are really pretty!

  13. Those fabrics and the buttons are simply beautiful! Nice work.


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