nursery rhymes

Last year I made purses with some nursery rhyme fabric I had found and was delighted when they flew out of the shop like hot cakes .. or perhaps I should say hot jam tarts! Then the other day, whilst doing a spot of overdue tidying in the old fabric stash, I found another piece, some of which was promptly made into yet more purses. This set has been lined with vintage Liberty lawn in shades of blue and green and each purse is a unique mix of characters. There will be more to come but unfortunately I've mislaid the fabric again .. isn't that a sign of getting older. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this?!

Incidentally I have just discovered the joys of twitter this week. Ever behind the times, I opened the account about a year ago in order to join Pinterest but it's been lying dormant ever since. But when I accrued a couple of followers (thanks Tess x) I thought I'd give it a go. What a hoot - it would be lovely if you came over and said hello!

Happy weekend to you - I hope it's going to be a dry one, particularly for the fireworks display we'll be going to on Saturday.


  1. such sweet purses!
    it's been fun tweeting with you! x

  2. I keep thinking about Twitter, and feeling drawn, but am slightly overwhelmed by its incomprehensibility - if you tell me it is easy I might be able to make the plunge.

    And I live my life in a permanent state of forgetfulness and hunting for things - you are certainly not the only one! I love your little purses, though - so very sweet!

    Pomona x

  3. Wow! They´re beautiful!! Where can I get them? I´m thinking of Christmas presents already because this year I decided to buy handmade.
    btw, thanks for your visit the other day.

  4. Kate, these are absolutely adorable and so sweet!!
    I am following you on pinterest,and as of now, I will be pecking through your boards.
    Have a nice weekend!!

  5. Oh Kate, they are divine!
    Twitter ... I just don't have the time!

  6. Beautiful, Kate! I really like the fabric design, and sweet lining. Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  7. Kate what beautiful purses - really lovely. I think you have a great eye for colour & print combinations. Have a lovely weekend x

  8. Humpty Dumpty - what wonderful purses and great illustrations.

    Happy weekend to you,

    Nina x

  9. Those purses are lovely - I found myself singing each rhyme.

    I've a twitter account but no idea how it works.

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  10. That is gorgeous fabric Kate and your purses are so pretty!
    Forgetting where you put things?? Me too! :)
    Have a great (and dry) weekend,
    Vivienne x

  11. I missed these the first time around but would love the Mary/Mary and Little Bo Peep one. I can't access your link at the moment - could you save one for me please and I'll order it when I'm next online?

    I LOVE them - the fabric is gorgeous!

    Nicki x

  12. What sweet purses - hope you find your fabric soon!
    I have a twitter account and will follow you. However, I rarely tweet, being more of a reader of others tweets!

  13. I love these. They remind me of all the rhymes I read to my girls when they were small. I hope you find that fabric!

  14. I love these so much ... what exquisite fabric and of course the liberty lining is perfect ... hoping you find the rest of it and yes it's entirely normal to lose fabric!

  15. These are absolutely glorious! I love them all but am drawn by the Queen of Hearts and Mary, Mary. Those muted colours are so pretty.

    Yes, I am very forgetful about certain things - mostly those which don't interest me thought ;-)

    Yes, I'm on Twitter too but don't have that much time for it. I'll come and say hello!

  16. ps There! Am following you on twitter. By the way how did you get that follow me on twitter icon onto your blog? I tried a few months ago but just wasn't bright enough to work it out!

  17. I love these Kate and will be over to your shop in the blink of an eye!


    PS Hope all was well with your firework display on Saturday - alas it rained all day here and ours was a bit of damp squib!

  18. They're gorgeous Kate. Really lovely. Haven't tried Twitter yet as am only just getting y head around Facebook for the business x

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  20. gorgeous fabric, do you have any left or a link as to where to buy? I joined twitter but it overwhelms me a bit, will try and look you up xx

  21. These bags are fantastic!


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