These past few days have seen me reaching for the heating switch again and, what's more, pushing my desire for sewing to one side in favour of knitting once again. It's a funny old time of year. Last week when it was gloriously warm and sunny, out came the Spring .. no wait, warmer weather clothing even .. for just a few days. Long enough to be lulled into a false sense of Summer security.

But that's ok. I am more than happy to cosy up in a favourite chair by the light of the table lamp, basket full of yarn and spare needles by my side. I listen to British radio through my computer and relish those few moments when it is just me .. and my knitting.

I'm currently coming to the end of Kelpie and, despite the fact it's been a somewhat lengthy project, I think I'm going to like it. There was a moment when I wasn't so sure though, the colours are not in my usual palate of choice and it also occurs to me that my other knits to date have been in solid colours. I've enjoyed the stripes, although you can probably tell I have yet to reach the 'sewing in the ends' stage!

I love this moment in a project, reaching the final furlong and, at the same time, deciding on what's next. I've already done the swatch, wound the yarn, downloaded the pattern. Oh, happy days.

What are you up to. Knitting? Sewing? Something else?


  1. Our weather for the bank holiday was poor too, I wanted to do some gardening but it wasn't to be, very mild though.
    Your knitting looks delicious and yes it is lovely to be planning 'the next one'! :)
    V xxx

  2. I'm sewing now, but have been knitting a lot lately.a vest that i have frogged more times than i want to admit!...
    your project looks great : )

  3. Both sewing and knitting but I can't keep up with your lovely projects.

  4. Today I finished one of three knitting projects that had been on the go. This one's a tubular, fair isle patterned cowl in DK wool yarn. i am so happy to have finally gotten comfortable with the Kitchener grafting stitch. Now that I've figured out how this technique works, I wonder why it previously seemed so difficult.

    Well...much of life is like that, I think. xo

  5. We have had only two days of relatively warm Spring weather. Tonight we may get down to almost freezing again. How I wish for warm weather. I am busy finishing a quilt's binding right now and juggling 3 cross-stitch projects. I love the look of your knitting.

  6. I wish our weather was cooler, spring lasted about two days here on the coast of SC and now summer seems to have arrived with high humidity and mid 90's degree temperatures.
    I am on the last repeat for my Sandness shawl. I am so excited to block it and see how it really looks.
    I love your Kelpie, especially the stripes.

  7. Knitting here, or rather trying to find the time to! Kelpie is a pattern I've considered, but not in Brooklyn Tweed, which snaps too easily for my liking. Your Kelpie is looking fabulous to me though, I love those colours :)

  8. Hello,
    Just catching back up with you,..
    LOVE your tunic, earlier post..the material is so very special..
    I'm painting here at home, the garden furniture is crying out with rust! hehe!
    French Lavender is the colour and with a little magic of my brush, all is transformed..
    Love your first picture Kate, ...A pretty corner to dream and create..
    With kindest thoughts..
    Maria x

  9. hola, en España ya hace mucho calor¡¡¡, por eso he dejado de lado tejer, ahora toca costura, me encantan tus vestidos de corte japonés, te pido un favor ¿me podrías decir donde puedo encontrar los patrones?, me estoy volviendo loca y no los encuentro por España, muchas gracias por adelantado....perdona pero mi inglés es pésimo. Avelina

  10. I love that chair.....immensely! I think the kelpie is going to look grand once it's off the needles and on your shoulders :)

  11. We've just had the most glorious perfect sunny bank holiday, everywhere looks so green and lush. And unusually for us we went out everyday - a folk music gig, a day out to Calke Abbey, an impromptu BBQ at the neighbours' and a lovely walk at Ickworth Park - plus lots of gardening in between.
    And I've nearly finished the cardigan I'm knitting - just the edgings to do.
    Stay warm - hope summer returns soon x

  12. Sure that your kelpie will turn out gorgeous! Last month I made some crochet...more or less well. Now I am finishing a shirt with collar, button placket and without sleeves.
    Can´t wait to see your next project!
    Have a nice day, Kate!

  13. Hello!

    I totally agree with you; the final stage of a pattern is the best as you can allow your mind to wander further afield to the next choice of pattern! I've just finished a stole and have again experienced that wonderful moment when the dishcloth looking thing on your needles transforms into something quite beautiful once it has been soaked and blocked.

    The wonders of knitting.

    May is a strange month. The Cannes Film Festival on the south coast of France is often held under rain-drenched clouds. Today is grey and overcast here in central France. And guess what? I'm knitting too. Although my chair is not quite as beautiful as yours ;-)


  14. Beautiful, gentle photograph! In possibly a burst of sunny madness I started a lacy poncho yesterday, in a summery blue...


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