warm the cockles

Oh my word I am feeling this cold, are you? Only if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it goes without saying, but I tell you it is a bone chilling temperature here and my neck cries out to be warmed. Whilst we are, in truth, in plus degree conditions and have friends living in Calgary where it is -28 (good grief), I am still suffering.

One good thing about this weather is it's the perfect excuse to sit and knit and I have so many ideas in my head for knitting patterns I want to write down. Warm the Cockles* is one that has been circulating in the grey matter for a long long time. Every so often practicality and functionality must take precedence over the delicate and pretty and this most definitely falls into that category. Now, I do love a good scarf but unless it is tied around the neck securely, it is wont to flop away, causing the wearer to flick it back upwards time and time again in a bid to stay warm. Ah, but tuck it into a little gully and pull it downwards (however much you care to), this little baby is going to stay right where it is and never be bothersome again. I'm heading for trouble though, I know it ... my man has his beady eyes on my scarf right now!

I've got to tell you about this yarn. Malabrigo's Mecha, oh my giddy aunt have you come across this before? It is springy, it is squishy and it is really rather luxurious. With a richness in colour and a pleasing bulky weight my husband and I are well and truly in business for the even colder weather that is undoubtedly coming our way!! More details and pics can be found right here on Ravelry and I'm thinking about putting the pattern up on there too**. Will keep you posted.

Goodness, is it really only two more sleeps? We have excited children in the house who keep reminding us of that. So here's wishing you the happiest of preparations. Are you organised?

* 'warm the cockles' is an old English saying which means to give one a comforting glow of pleasure or sentimental contentment. It is unclear from where and when the phrase originated, however Charles Darwin wrote in 1858, "I have just had the innermost cockles of my heart rejoiced by a letter from Lyell."

Update : This pattern is now available for purchase on Ravelry. You may also buy the pattern for £2 GBP here by clicking on the link below. Once you have completed payment I will then email the pattern pdf over to you. Please don't forget to complete your email address details in the box below ..

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  1. Your scarf looks great - what a good idea! Have a lovely Christmas and keep cosy.

  2. Your scarf is the epitome of 'snuggly' - looking forward to a pattern. Have a snuggly Christmas x Jane

  3. Gorgeous Kate, you are clever, it really does look cosy and the yarn delish! :)
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas!
    V xxx

  4. Simply scrummy Kate, it looks like something I would never want to take off, especially in this very blustery weather we are currently having. Stunning yarn too!
    I hope you and your family have a very blessed Christmas with great joy and festivities xox Penny

  5. wow that looks warm and cushy and awesome! and now i want some Mecha too.

  6. I really like your scarf, lovely :)
    Merry Christmas and happy new year!!

    Lluisa xx

  7. Cor! Kate that looks so lovely, warm and snug.

    Have a wonderful merry Christmas and the warmest of wishes for 2014.

    Nina x

  8. keep warm and cosy and have a truly magical Christmas. It's mild and Very wet here, but oh so windy, I think the reindeer may have trouble balancing on the roof tonight x

  9. Another one of your fab makes....wishing you a lovely Christmas! :) x

  10. That yarn is gorgeous! I also look at Calgary's temperature and shiver. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas!

  11. Oh that yarn is lovely, and your knitting is, too. Know what you mean about the benefits of a scarf that stays where you wish it to stay.

    Best wishes to you ... stay warm, as winter settles in.


  12. That does look wonderfully warm :D

  13. Well done, good piece of information. Happy New Year to you all on the farm. Clipping Path


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