loving lovejoy

Where have I been you may wonder? Not far, to be honest, but I notice it's nearly a whole month since I last posted and this, I'm afraid, is all I have to show for it.

Mind you, this isn't any old head covering. It is Lovejoy. You may remember I embarked on a bit of a hat making frenzy last year before moving on to shawls and it appears I have found myself back into the land of hat. I think it's because Christmas is on its way and, to my mind, what better gift could one present than a hat, or a shawl, I reckon. They are quick gratification too, don't you agree? And say you do .. and why wouldn't you if you are indeed a knitter .. which ones do you recommend? Do tell, I need to feed that frenzy!

Details of my Lovejoy are over here on Ravelry.

Happy week. Are you keeping warm? Or cool, should you be on the lower half of our globe?


  1. Love the hat Kate...just enough slouch..gorgeous!
    I would say I've missed you but then I meet you in other places now! ;)
    Have a great week,
    V xxx

  2. lovely hat, it has such a nice fit and slouch :) Great color and what beautiful blue skies in the background!!

  3. Is that the Sugarplum colourway, I wonder? Great hat, Kate, and, dare I say, you are an excellent model for your knitted creations!

    (I'm still trying to butter you up and I sincerely hope you will join me for a more productive KAL in January? Go see your Ravelry message box if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about!)


  4. oooh i love lovejoy (that is also the name of one of my very favorite authors). what a pretty hat. and you are stunningly beautiful kate. have you made 'flying home' by kat coyle? it's such a sweet little shawl, a quick knit that takes very little wool and would make a lovely gift i think.

  5. What a perfectly pretty knit Kate. I like crooked paths by Mellisa LaBarre on Ravelry. I know what you mean by having sweet and easy little knits for Christmas presses, I love this yarn you have chosen xox Penny

  6. We are knitting summery cardigans and lightweight shawls down here!

    Love your Lovejoy.

  7. Cute hat!!!!! Hope you are having a great time :-)
    I´m not a good knitter, but I promise that this winter I´m going to knit "something"...ha, ha, ha!

  8. It's a gorgeous hat, and looks absolutely fabulous on you. I tend not to wear hats - I can look really odd in them - so I'm loving the current fashion for hoods :)

  9. Oooh, I like that. I feel some hat knitting coming on...

  10. oh it's lovely. I wish knitting was quick for me...........

  11. Lovely hat... and that colour is dreamy! Christmas makes this year are a mix of oversized pom-pom hats and hot water bottle covers with a vintage book to snuggle up with... oh, and maybe a few wristwarmers!

  12. Well done, good piece of information. Happy New Year to you all on the farm. Clipping Path


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