that was july

Oh my word, is it August already? Have I really not visited my little blog space in all these weeks? The truth is I have been so busy, there has been no time to play around with photos, no spare hours to while away publishing posts. I have been on holiday .. twice. We have moved house. And we are surrounded by boxes .. lots of!!

Did you make it through all those photos? What a beautiful world there is out there, don't you agree? We had some fabulous r&r in Tofino, Vancouver Island. Surfing, watching bears and orca, and sifting through endless rock pools. Then four wonderful days on Quadra Island soaking up sunshine and yet more of British Columbia's stunning scenery whilst perched on driftwood, or strolling along the sand, clambering over rocks, pottering about in kayaks and not forgetting daily forages for huckleberries and salmonberries.

Then over to the UK and its July heatwave and London smog. Goodness, that was a shock to mountain cleansed systems as we stepped off our overnight flight, all sleep deprived and weary from the hustle and bustle of the Immigration and Customs Hall. Fortunately airport security no longer objects to knitting needles so my Addi Turbos and I clicked away happily most of the way across the pond. Catching up with old friends was the perfect antidote to exhaustion before escaping to the rolling, green hills of Dorset. Since getting back we have had two families of friends visiting us here in Vancouver which has been a lot of fun. As for my knitting, I shall show you that another time. I've just finished blocking it and need to sweet talk the Husband into taking some photos!

Are you having a great summer? No matter where you are, it would be nice to think we are all bathed in sunlight! Won't you let me know what you've been up to?


  1. What a beautiful collection of happy photos! Love the phrase"mountain cleansed", makes me long for a mountain. So glad life is good xx

  2. Just fabulous photos - you are so lucky to live in such a stunning place :)

    Is there a reason behind all the trainers hanging from the wires??

    Another mover - hope your unpacking is coming along well? We've just 3 boxes left to sort!

  3. Oh you went to Corfe....how gorgeous it is. Was it strange to be "Home"?
    I must visit Canada, it looks so stunning and right now a jolly good "mountain cleanse" would suit me just fine!!!
    Sarah --x--

  4. I was just thinking that looks like Corfe Castle as I scrolled down and sure enough it was. Glad you came back for a visit and that we were able to offer a proper summer for your time here! It looks as if you are well settled now or will be as soon as your boxes are all emptied!

  5. Goodness what amazing photos Kate, I especially love the wildlife, what a privilege to get that close to those wonderful creatures!
    Lovely that you were able to return for a visit and that there was sunshine when you came! :) it has been lovely to potter about in the sunshine, July was brilliant, August though, so far, could do better!
    Wishing you all health and happiness in your new home.
    V xxx

  6. Hi Kate, what a fantastic educational experience for your kids to see all of those amazing creatures and wild spaces up close! I do love the sense of humour that created that pedestrian crossing too.

  7. what great photos .you have had a busy summer!
    ours seems to be flying by but we've been busy busy too :)

  8. What a beautiful summer you've had! Your gorgeous Tofino photos make me very nostalgic. 15 years ago, my husband and I honeymooned there (actually, we did a month-long drive across Canada that ended in Tofino). Nice to "see" you again.

  9. What beautiful photos! Sounds like you have had a full summer! I see that Pop Spots Shawl in the window of Loop!! My sister made a gorgeous green and cream one to use as a nursing cover (not sure what the British term for that would be!). Had thought about making a pop spots myself on our trip but didn't have/find the right yarn. I can only tolerate merino or alpaca near my face. I hope you have a beautiful fall!

  10. My summer seems somewhat pedestrian by comparison! You were missed here :)

  11. Lovely to have you back Kate, such a feast of wildlife, simply wonderful and wow what a busy time you have been having. Glad to know that you have been clicking away on your needles in the in-between times and look forward to seeing your next beautiful creation :o) Happy new home to you all too x

  12. So happy to see your post appear on my FB feed! It looks like you have had a wonderful summer so far, I always love how you capture Canada in your post photos. That coastline is stunning, I recall hiking a small portion when I was a teenager. I hope the rest of your summer is as wonderful, I look forward to seeing what your needles were up to!

  13. I must get to British Columbia. Must. Beautiful place.


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