Why aren't there more hours in the day? I've been meaning to get these photos posted for so long but never seemed to be able to grasp the time. These will have to do, and as for words .. gah, there's that lack of time again. Life is turning hectic once more. We are on the move yet again in a matter of months only this time, I'm hoping, to a house we can hopefully call a home. A semi nomadic lifestyle is not good for children, it seems. And as if that isn't enough, my boy takes his big test in a couple of days and there's a special birthday coming up soon, too. Well, you can't say life's boring!

There was a recent fresh dumping of snow up in the Vancouver mountains, resurrecting a ski season we had thought to be all but over. Prices are low now, so we headed up to Cypress Mountain for an afternoon on the snow. It was good to get back up above the clouds once again and it also made me realise I still had Spring Break photos of our trip to Whistler to post.

Whistler. What a place. Not too many photos for you I hope, and fewer words suffice to say we had a fantastic week up there. The scale of it all is astonishing and we were so lucky to see it in all its sun-rayed glory. We returned home feeling exercised, energised, exhilarated, nourished and completely and utterly blessed to have such a magical place on our doorstep. Oh, and totally exhausted too! Whistler Blackcomb .. what a place indeed!

Happy week to you .. come rain or come shine!


  1. Amazing! What a life you're giving those children. :)
    V xxx

  2. Wow, it just looks stunning! :) x

  3. ~ Hi Kate...I think you could be living the dream, my friend! Photographs amazing as always...I am wishing this move to be one you can put down some firm roots, especially for the young ones...although the experience they are having will be price less to them in life! ~ I do hope your furniture and you become reunited as soon as possible though....July seems a long time! may be I put to much attachment on things...People and experiences are much more important! ~ With kindest thoughts to lovely you! ~ love Maria x

  4. Show off! I love it all and am not jealous...much. What wonderful, fabulous fun. It makes puts our little snowball fight in the Cotswold's last weekend to shame though.

    Much love,

    Nina x

  5. ooh, those photos are giving me itchy feet and pre-children snowboarding nostalgia so bad!

  6. I have really enjoyed these pictures :-) It seems a wonderful place to live.
    A big kiss for you and your family!

  7. What a gorgeous sunny day! It looks like the kids had a blast on the tube. Best of luck with the move. I'm sure that you will be glad to be settled in to your permanent home:)

  8. I can almost feel the crisp air looking at these pics!

    The model looks to be having great fun there!

  9. Hi Kate, it seems like you have moved to just the right place for you all! Whistler does seem like the most idyllic spot for a family of snowbunnies. I don't think I've ever seen so many pairs of skis in one spot!


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