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Thank you so much, wonderful bloggy buddies, for all the Soay love. My head was swelling more and more with each and every comment!

We are currently enjoying day after day of beautiful, bright sunshine which is lifting the spirits no end, I have almost forgotten about those countless weeks of rain that we've endured since last December. Watching this season develop is so exciting because it is all so new to us. This is our first Spring, then it will be our first Summer followed by, of course, the first Autumn.

Weekends are still packed with action and we remain in our adopted 'carpe diem' mode. Last weekend we drove over the border for the first time since our arrival. It was La Conner's annual Tulip Festival that drew us southwards and its vibrant blooms, together with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains did not disappoint. The city here is blooming too. Cherry trees line so many of Vancouver's streets and they are treating us to a magnificent display. Huge magnolia trees are ever present too and, pictured in front of an azure blue sky, present a visual feast for our eyes. Next up we are promised azaleas and rhododendrons which, our neighbour tells, will carry on the colour. Now I understand .. there are plus points for all that rain!

We went back to Reifel at the weekend, too. Sadly the owls have gone to pastures new but the ducks were obliging and came strolling along side us, as before. They are pairing up now and it's so sweet seeing them fuss about each other and watching the drakes chase off any opposition. The Model could barely contain her excitement that the cute little chickadees were brave enough to eat from her hand. We upturned logs to discover beetles' eggs and watched furry caterpillars scurrying across the paths. They move surprisingly quickly, funny little things! Don't you just love Spring?

More and more I find myself relying on my phone for day to day point and shoots and all these photos were taken on Instagram. Do, please come and find me there if you're on it too. It would be fun to see you.

Finally, your crossed fingers would be much appreciated this week. We have been house hunting and saw something yesterday that would be perfect for us. I so desperately want to be able to set up somewhere we can all call home. This semi nomadic lifestyle has been quite unsettling for the children and they can't wait to get into their own beds in July!

Happy weekend to everyone.


  1. Oh my goodness Kate, I want to lie down in that field of tulips and breathe in deep breaths! How simply stunning, thank you for sharing these pictures with us. Oh isn't Spring just the bestest celebration of new life and with that comes new joy! I'm crossing fingers for your home and you all finally settling into a space you can call yours xxx Penny
    ps. Andy and got married in early April and that last picture reminds me of all the blossom that fell on us like confetti x

  2. sounds like you're having fun!
    love those beautiful flowers :)

  3. fingers crossed you get that house!!!!!

  4. Wow, those tulip fields are stunning, you really are enjoying your new spring experience!
    I have everything crossed for you, hope you find your home soon!
    V xxx

  5. I'm really enjoying reading your blog and what an exciting adventure you're all on. Beautiful photographs too. Best wishes for the house, what will be, will be,as they say!

  6. Ha, we were at the Tulip Festival last Sunday as well: small world! :-)

  7. Those tulips are amazing, and that little bird so sweet! :) x

  8. Vancouver has some beautiful gardens. When my mother visited there she sent us a calender of the most wonderful garden there...it's name began with 'B'..though I can't remember what exactly they were called. Have you been there yet?

  9. ~ Your first spring looks enchanting, Kate....LOVE the pretty duck shot....Thanks for showing us all a little spring....Very chilly here! I am off course keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you all to find the house of your dreams.....then you can lay down some proper roots...~ with kindest thoughts...Maria x

  10. I have my fingers firmly crossed here.

    So many tulips, so much blossom ... sure looks like spring :)

  11. tulips. oh how I love them x

  12. Amazing photos! That little bird looks so precious! I hope you'll find a perfect home, I'll cross my fingers for you! :)


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