rescue remedy

My boy had a haircut the other day. Poor thing, the barber got a little scissor happy which was not appreciated one bit. We certainly won't be visiting him again!

But, you know me, any excuse to knit a hat so I made Fjord, using three quarters of a skein of Punta Yarns Mericash Thousand Colours in a good 'manly' bluey/greeny/brown colour.

Despite being pleased to cover up the hair (which is fine, by the way, in my opinion), my lovely boy wasn't quite so keen to model my efforts but I think you can get the gist of Fjord. It's a lovely pattern, extremely straightforward and quick to do as well, just a knit/purl combination all the way. A perfect rescue remedy! More information over here on Ravelry.

I don't know about where you are but the weather here has been pretty foul these last few days .. definitely not dry enough to entice me outside any more than is necessary, that's for sure. Despite the fact I am currently working on a little something for the Spring, I can't help but dream of hats right now. and have just made a bit of a detour with yet another on the needles. I'm thinking I must have one for our Spring Break holiday, which we are all so excited about. Doubtless there'll be others to follow for I've discovered that hat making is a quick and satisfying fix like no other. Can there really ever be too many hats in one's wardrobe, I wonder? I think we all know the answer to that ..

Keep dry!


  1. Ooh, poor boy - the hair, not the hat!
    I've woken up to a frosty sprinkling of snowy stuff again this morning, but accompanied by glorious blue sky. Perfect knitting weather.

    PS. I finished my Icelandic vest, will blog soon xx

  2. Short hair would be most unwelcome here today. Brrrr.

    And, you may want to sit down for this, but I am actually in the middle of making a hat. Yes! It is true!

  3. Poor boy! but the hat it's so nice and look good on him :)

    Here the weather in being a bit crazy, after a few days being like spring, yesterday was cold and snowing so....

    Have a great day!

    Lluisa x


  4. Poor child and ***** barber!
    This week has been snowing around here, not much, but I need the spring right now!!!!! My back, especially my waist is suffering these cold days...
    Have a nice week Kate!

  5. Poor boy. Lucky boy. It is a gorgeous hat which, as you say, still manages to be suitably manly!
    The weather here has been foul too but in a completely different kind of way with a record breaking heatwave being reported. Hopefully we are now over the worst of it.

  6. Nice hat! You can have too many if you're me though, I have yet to find one that looks good on me. I do love to knit them though.

    In the last few days we've seen the sun here, for what feels like the first time this winter, but it's not forecast to last. Hopefully if we're losing it it's headed your way :)

    Have a great Spring Break :)

  7. Oh your poor boy.My heart goes out to him that happen to my James once.He hated it so much.x

  8. Poor lad, at least Mum was at hand with her knitting needles, the yarn looks lovely.
    It's been bright enough here but bitterly cold!
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend,
    V xxx

  9. poor guy, i hate when i am that unhappy with a haircut~ and i've had my share ;) a very nice hat though!
    weather here was so nice last weekend warm and i actually saw the sun-now it's back to flurries :0

  10. Oh dear...the good thing is his hair will grow! Your hat is lovely though....Mr. Sun please come back!!! xoxo

  11. I'm about to dig my hat out because it is snowing in Suffolk - again! Love your reluctant model's hat - my boy is pretty impossible to photograph these days.

  12. Very nice hat. we had tears after a haircut once........

  13. Oh your poor son Kate, there is nothing like a haircut that makes you feel like your world is ruined. Unfortunately, I have to admit that my sweet Alice had tears too, she decided to go ahead with the fringe and cried that he had cut it too short.Poor thing, I really felt for her and helped her clip it back in a way that she could eventually smile about. Being 12 and a half is such a vulnerable time when looks all of a sudden matter,fortunately girls can play around with clips etc and today she seems to have forgotten about it having gone to school and realising that its not as bad as she thinks!
    Thank goodness it grows back is all I can say and a hard lesson to learn so early on. I wish Alice would let me knit her a hat instead she prefers those silly panda bear looking ones with pom poms for ears!! Oh well,one day it will be cool to wea rmums homemade hats ...:o) We are due for some rotten weather after having had a glorious blue sky and sunshine day,bah to the Winter x Take care xox Penny

  14. Poor sweet lad, you have captured his anguish in the photos! We have been through that too, my youngest daughter is still complaining about a "too short" cut.
    You have been knitting up a beautiful storm, I love the colour of the yarn you choose and the Norwegian in me gets exciting by anything fjord.
    While it may be grey, I see your parts are reaching double digits! We have experienced a terribly cold March thus far. Have a great weekend Kate.

  15. A lovely hat! I like the colour and the pattern, and it was a great way to rescue the situation! I love your post title today too :)
    Wishing you a wonderful - and warmer - weekend.
    Helen x

  16. Another great hat Kate and I love the shades in the yarn too!
    Very chilly here at the moment so it's fingers crossed for the arrival of some spring sunshine soon!
    Happy Sunday,
    Susan x

  17. Oh bless him! I have so many pictures like your last one of Will doing exactly the same thing with his hand along with a 'leave it out mum!'

    Love the hat by the way,

    Nina x

    ps. it's taken three years to find the right barber to cut his teenage hair - they all want to make him look like Justin Bieber...which is not cool at all - apparently!


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