lady marple

Hello dear readers, how are you? Still there I hope, she says waving frantically and hoping you have been able to see the arms flailing through the rain clouds.

Oh yes, it has been raining again but that's fine by me because on such days when only a cuppa and a sit down will do, I have been known to race about like a mad thing, getting those boring chores done and dusted (chance would be a fine thing) before finally settling down to a spot of knitting. Yesterday's weather was amazing and boy did we make the most of it (more of that another time) but what's been getting me over excited is my latest knit. And hooray, hooray, ring those bells for the cardigan is finished, blocked and lovingly buttoned. Can't you tell I am so excited to say that Lady Marple is done and has she met my expectations? And then some.

This pattern has so much going for it. The lace panelling on either side is particularly beautiful and also very easy to memorise. What's more, it is simple to work out exactly where you left off, once put aside for the night! I adore the gentle shaping over the waist which is so feminine and I love the yarn too. I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca, a soft and snuggly yarn, although it does seem to leave irritating reminders in its wake so I may need to be careful about what it's worn with. Perhaps I should add here that it isn't a particularly forgiving yarn either, too much unpicking will annoy it to a state of fuzziness, so beware of that. The vintage buttons, made from coconut husks interestingly enough, were retrieved from the depths of my tin, and most welcome they were too, they are as smooth and tactile as any old one.

If I'm honest I may have preferred it to be a little snugger, I'm still considering that, and I know I shall need to be careful not to stretch it when it's wet. For all that though, the ultra alpaca feels wonderful to wear, a true snuggly delight and I think everyone deserves a Lady Marple in their chest of drawers! As ever, there are more details and photos to be had over on my Ravelry page.

And about yesterday, we went up Cypress Mountain for a hearty snowshoe walk in the bright sunshine. The views were breathtaking let me tell you and I've said it before but I'll say it again, Vancouver is a stunning part of the globe. You must all come and visit .. and don't forget to bring your sleeping bags and craft supplies with you!

Have a lovely week, everyone.


  1. ~ Your Cardi is lovely, Kate....YOU are a clever one! Quite fancy Vancouver, so will see You soon! hehe..With kind thoughts...Maria x

  2. What a gorgeous cardie Kate, I love the lace! :) Beautiful shade as well!
    You may regret offering the invitation, you could have a houseful. :)
    Have a great week
    V xxx

  3. fabulous and clever.... I recently finished a jumper and it's worked out brilliantly except it's a bit short and I know it's a bit short and I could fix it.......or just live with it!!

  4. It looks gorgeous. I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it.

  5. It's a lovely cardie, really nice :)

    Have a nice week!!

    LLuisa x

  6. super cardigan!
    vancouver sounds lovely too :)

  7. This looks like one of those cardigans you will cherish for ever - still getting pulled out when she's fifty! Lovely wool x Jane

  8. It is positively amazing! I love it! You have become quite the knitting artist, well done!
    Saw your pics on instagram of the gorgeous mountains, truly beautiful. So glad that you are enjoying your new home. :)

  9. Your cardigan looks very cosy and just perfect for the weather you've been picturing. It is so hot here I can't even begin to think about knitting. T x

  10. Oh wow Kate, that looks fantastic! Well done! And I can imagine how gorgeous it was up on the mountains yesterday. Hooray for sunshine at last!

  11. It's gorgeous ... you look stunning. The Berroco is a lovely yarn to work with and you seem to have chosen the perfect pattern for it. I have cardi' envy!

  12. What a beautiful cardi. Love the coconut husk buttons I never knew there was any such thing.


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