Happy new month to you and huge, big fat thank yous for all your sweet comments, I think those positive vibes have done their work as I have a slight spring in my step today. My little spot in the world has, wait for it, sunshine this morning and I have not one but two bloggy dates in the diary.

Yesterday I drove the boy and some of his class mates to a curling centre for their school field trip. Watching a whole bunch of twelve year olds having fun out on the ice, followed by a tasty buffet lunch is definitely a good way to spend a few hours. And volunteering is most certainly the way to go for meeting other mums and teachers.

Another reason for the spring is that the first shipment of our contents has arrived. Now, the husband was far more organised than me back in November, as he gave instructions to have his wardrobe contents put on first delivery. Unfortunately all I could think about was my sewing room so I have ten massive boxes of fabrics, nine boxes of books (mostly crafting but some cookery) and glass beads, and a dilemma as to where it's all going to go. Oh, and no clothes! No matter, I now have a sewing machine, my overlocker and knitting needles so, once the transformer is installed, I'm good to go and clothes making here I come. Woopeee!

By the way, what do you think of my new (old) tea cups? I almost forgot to mention I've discovered a promising thrift shop ..

Happy weekend.


  1. So glad you're feeling happier Kate. :)
    And happy days you've now got your sewing machine!! Who needs clothes, you can now make some!!
    Love the new china, such pretty spring colours.
    Happy weekend,
    V xxx

  2. Dearest Kate
    I'm really pleased you are feeling a little better and things are looking up. Time is such a healer and it does take time to start to integrate and have a sense of real belonging. I'm so chuffed that you have found some like minded bloggy creative friends, yay for you!
    As for what I would pack first, I think my crafting would also come over my clothes, who needs clothes when you can make 'em!
    When we flew to South Africa last April, I sneakily put some DPN's and sock yarn in my hand luggage and there was not a murmur from security,I was really surprised as DPN's can be lethal... I happily knitted away on the plane much to my hubby's annoyance ;o)
    Enjoy your February cups of tea xox Penelope

  3. Hi, glad you are feeling happier. A sewing room is way more important than clothes, all of us in the creative world understand! :) x

  4. Happy dance...I think I am one of those dates!!
    Once our sun comes out there is not a more beautiful place to be than in Vancouver! Just you wait...I promise the sun will not stay hidden forever.
    Love your tea cups....I hope I get out today for some thrifting as well....xoxoxox

  5. A February tea cup!!!! what a find!!! love it.....I know i'd sacrifice the clothes to have my knitting!

  6. That's the girl, I knew you'd be alright. Now you've a great excuse to go SHOPPING !!

  7. I just LOVE your teacups! So perfect for spring around the corner. THat is too funny about your boxes of fabric arriving and not your clothes!!!

  8. I am glad things are looking up! Let's hope the groundhog predicts an early spring. Your tea cups are lovely and I am so glad your sewing machine made the journey in tact. Happy February!

  9. Must be lovely so have your sewing things around you again. The tea cup brings back memories - when I was small I use to go to tea at my best friend's house. Her mum had a complete set of months of the year tea-cups but her little sister shared the same birth month as me which resulted in some careful negotiations!

  10. Your new tea cups are bringing some spring sunshine into the house...great happy colours! I'm glad you've got your sewing stuff again.

  11. I love the teacups! And I think you got your priorities right ;)

    Glad you're feeling a bit more settled Kate x

  12. Thank you so much for popping over and saying hello - I'm not sure where the word 'firkle' comes from but it seems to apply to so many situations around here eg: when Jessie dog has her nose in the shopping bags 'Jessie - stop firkling!' Great news that you are starting to settle in and have even discovered a thrift shop selling cups to die for! Keep smiling x

  13. nothing better than a little sunshine sometimes :)
    sounds like you had a fun day~ i love school volunteering too...
    have a super week~

  14. Such pretty cups...and very spring like! I think once you begin making things in a new home it really helps you to settle in. Enjoy your week and your sewing :)
    Helen x

  15. Happy February!! Such gorgeous cups!! Wishing you a sweet week! xo Heather

  16. Gorgeous and springy - I do love February.

    I can think of no better excuse for new clothes - darn those delivery people! Maybe you were organised...very organised indeed.

    Nina x

  17. Your tea cups made me smile. I hope you are still smiling too. Enjoy your sewing. T x

  18. ~ Happy February, Kate...so glad you have that 'spring' in your step....And have your sewing things to keep your days creative again....I loved those pretty china cups and I think I am starting to love February too! My ~ Mr man always says it is the best month of the year....With 'Springs' promise staring to bloom after the long slumber of winter...With kind thoughts, Love Maria x


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