happy new year

Life continues to be hectic on our side of the globe so I am just popping in briefly to wish you and your family a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year. I'm looking forward to 2013 and all that it brings our way and I sincerely hope that you are, too. Thank you all for dropping by these last twelve months, I have loved your comments and appreciate each and every one of them.

See you next year!


happy holidays

Merry Christmas to everyone. I wish you and yours a wonderful festive, joyous, peaceful time and leave this little gift for you to chuckle over. 

Happy Holidays!


holidays are coming

It looks pretty outside today, the children are having a lot of fun but the holidays are coming and I need to get in some serious shopping.

But I shall fear not, Christmas has come to us early and my daughter has delivered her present already. Guess what I got?

I got nits :D

What are you up to?


let it snow

Thank you for your good will messages, you are true bloggy friends indeed. We are starting to find our feet here in our new world, which is turning into rather a friendly place to be as it happens. The children survived the first week at school and seem to be adjusting to their new surroundings much quicker than expected. A new car has been bought (I'm guessing you can probably picture the main man's face when he got the keys for that toy) and then there was talk of where we should drive to this weekend.

There are constant reminders that the mountains are close by so we went up Grouse Mountain and got the children on to skis for the first time. They took to that well, too. Visibility wasn't too great to begin with but by early evening the views looking back over Vancouver were stunning. I can't get over what a beautiful part of the world this place is.

As for me? Well, I've noticed a smattering of grey hairs decorating my head that definitely weren't there two weeks ago. But never mind, I have discovered an excellent yarn shop and am knitting a hat!


hello friends

Are you well today? This week? This month? I do so hope so, it's been so long.

Well, the move happened and here I am, sitting suddenly eight hours behind where I used to be and to be honest, wondering what in the heck just happened. Into the final throws of jet lag, suitcases unpacked and a bearing of where we are, there is, I think, a little more content than six or seven days ago when we were fresh off a plane and suffering with exhaustion. The children started their new school yesterday and I don't mind saying my fingers have been tightly crossed and my stomach in knots ever since.

Yes, lovely dear readers, we have now crossed the Pond to 'beautiful British Columbia' as so many of you clever things predicted. London is half a world away and this new world of ours is a big, big place where pinafores are called jumpers, jumpers have become sweaters, trousers are now pants, and pants are underwear. We are going to have such a lot of fun with this, I know it! There is now no colour in our world, but color, which is the green of rain fuelled grass, the white of snow capped mountains and bronze from countless fallen leaves.

Are you wondering about the fate of our two moggies? We couldn't possibly have left them behind so those two little lovelies flew with British Airways in a big wooden crate covered in 'live animal' stickers and dosed up on Bach's Rescue Remedy. They arrived a day later than us, surprisingly relaxed after their long, foodless, journey and have been nibbling furiously ever since.

Ooh guess what? We have literally just seen our first racoons, two of them right outside the house, hanging over the branches of a tree by the porch. What a sight they were, staring at us, staring at them. Funny badgery-type things. I wish I had got a photo, only the sky was as black as could be and raining to boot. Next time. I'll show you next time!