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The Model's not so keen on modelling for you these days, I'm afraid, and I need to get quicker with the camera and ever more inventive with the styling. Watching the TV is acceptable to her, I'll have you know, but standing and posing at the same time is distinctly not. You'll have to forgive the sameness of the pics, really it was the best I could do on the day!

The two of us had a girlie afternoon at the theatre yesterday watching Matilda the Musical. It was right in the heart of Theatreland and when we came out under the crisp, dark sky the road was illuminated by newly switched on Christmas lights. It looked as magical as the show we had just seen. Why am I telling you this? Firstly, because you must try and see it if you should ever get the chance, you will not regret it for one moment. And secondly, because my girl wore this dress. Matilda's audience was heavy with little girls, all spruced up for the occasion with eager expressions and excited voices and it made for a very special outing with my girl.

I wouldn't say no to a bigger version for myself, I think, especially since lantana is a wonder fabric for the cooler half of the year. Mirabelle has to be one of my favorite Liberty prints, in fact it's already been used in a different colour way here, both snaffled from Fabrics Galore. My Mecca! I used turquoise cotton lawn for the lining and matching vintage buttons down the back and I have a feeling this is going to be one of the Model's favourites too. The dress is a modified version of a pattern previously used in this post and came originally from this brilliant Japanese book.

You're going to have to excuse me again for wrapping this post up in a rather untidy way. Our packers have arrived, cups of tea and choccie biscuits out of the way, and now they are springing into action, emptying the house of all our possessions. These three men have done it all before but I must confess I am resigned to being a bit of a quivering wreck this week. It's a little strange, knowing that our tables and chairs, knives and forks, beds and chests of drawers will be on the water next week and I have my fingers tightly crossed for some calm seas over the next month or so. It's also odd that we probably won't be reunited with the majority of it for several more months whilst it sits patiently in storage. Packing up to three seasons worth of clothing into a handful of suitcases is setting quite a challenge, too. But no matter .. it is an adventure we set out to have and an adventure we shall have! Will tell you more next time, in what will probably be my last post in Blighty ..

Have a restful week, everyone!


  1. The dress is lovely, but then all your dresses are!

    The packing sounds scary, but the adventure ... have fun, and I hope wherever you are going is all you hope for :D

  2. I feel oddly tearful to think you will be going far away. Quite riduculous considering I don't even live in England myself ;-) But you just seemed to close by...

    Your dress is beautiful, Kate, and your evening out perfect: a memory for life, I should think.

    Put us out of our misery and tell us where you are going, please ;-)


  3. Your outing to see Matilda with your daughter sounds wonderful and will stay in your memories. The dress is absolutely beautiful, and yes I would love to wear it too! I hope your moving goes smoothly...it sounds like a huge change but an exciting one.
    Sending you warm wishes.
    Helen x

  4. Hurry up and tell us where you are going, the suspense is killing me !!

  5. I would be an absolute trainwreck ... moving is a zillion life stress points. It must have been a welcome relief to go to the show with the model. The frock is absolutely lovely. Thinking about you!

  6. Like Stephanie I feel a bit sad at you going, which is silly really because you will only be a click of a button away no matter where you are in the world!!!
    The dress is beautiful and just the thing for a night at the theatre and wonderfully modelled by the now-sitting-down model. :)
    Wishing you well with your packing and your new adventure and my fingers are crossed for calm seas.
    V xxx

  7. Like Helsie I am dying to know where you are off to! Now we know it isn't elsewhere in the UK at least! Hope all goes well with the move and that you will all be very happy in your new life wherever it may be. Lovely dress and glad you had a bit of a break from the packing!

  8. Kate, hello!
    I love the dress! modelled here beautifully by your young lady.
    I most certainly would wear in a bigger girl size,as I love the style and material very much.
    Feel a little sad that you are off to new pastures, but sincerely wish you all the luck in the world!
    Pleaseee stay in touch with us virtual friends, won't you?
    Love Maria x

    1. Ooh forgot to say, the theatre date sounded wonderful too!

  9. Where can you be going? Bon Voyage where ever it is, and please let us know when you get there. The dress is lovely and the fabric my favourite colours too

  10. A beautiful dress! Wishing you the best in your new adventure! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  11. Wishing you all the best in your new life! :)

  12. I love lantana and love the dress - only wish that it was a commercial pattern - sometimes I just want to follow directions!

  13. Oh wow I am so intrigued! Off to faraway shores? I shall have to do some catching up...bon voyage lovely!

    Yes yes yes Mirabelle and with a turquoise lining...heaven. I think when you know you are leaving everything takes on an extra special bit of pathos seeing the lights must have been so wonderful. Hooray for Matilda and all of you, good luck,

    Love Sarah -x-

  14. Please keep in touch with your blog, won't you Kate and best of luck for your wonderful new beginning (perhaps here in Australia?!)

    I love this dress and the gorgeous fabric, mirabelle is charming in all its colorways I think ...

    Barbara :)

  15. Oh my goodness. I've been so caught up in our own upheavals I haven't been near my computer for ages. Clearly I need to pay more attention. Like every one else I am extremely curious to know where your next home will be. Best, best wishes for the move and all the changes that follow. And, yes, it is a beautiful dress for your girl. T x

  16. Hi Kate...gorgeous dress! I can't begin to imagine all the places you could be going to, so I will have to be very patient and just wait until you show us where you end up! Fantastic!

  17. Another lovely dress Kate. The fact that you managed to sew in the midst of a significant move is impressive! Why do I feel like B.C is perhaps in the cards for you??? Looking forward to the post that will reveal the destination of your grand adventure:)

  18. what a lovely new dress for a special outing, I have heard many people say how truly wonderful it is. wishing you all the best for your adventures ahead x


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