mustard and lace

Hurrah, finally a pair of finished cushions and something to show for the last week since the children went back to their classrooms. They took me three days to complete, you know.  Clearly we're not talking literally but after such a long summer break it has been hard to settle in to my little sewing space and what with all the tea breaks and impromptu trips to the yarn shop in search of a quick fix. Well, you know what I mean!

Anyway, feeling a little bit autumnal (is that a word across the pond, given their third season is fall?) there can only really be one colour. I can see it already on the lawn, where Mother Nature has cast her bounty and it won't be long before we shall don wellies and set about kicking those crunchy piles as far and wide as we can. I still take great pleasure in that little ritual of ours.

The fabric is vintage, of course. 1960s decor weight cotton with a satisfyingly large blousy rose pattern. Down one side is a length of vintage crocheted lace, nice and wide but sadly fiddly as anything to reckon with and determined to give me a run for my money. The backing is made with panels from one of my old and unused French metis sheets, the outer piece retaining its drawn thread decoration. And that top panel has been treated to a little embellishment, too, in the form of a strip of the mustardy cotton along the width and yet more vintage lace atop. Incidentally, for those of you not in the know, Metis is a traditional French sheeting fabric, woven with a cotton warp and a linen weft

I have to admit, mustard had never really been my colour before, being a red and grey girl by choice, but you know, I may just have changed my mind. Although having said that, these have gone into the shop!

Happy Monday.


  1. They're beautiful Kate! :)
    I'm a huge fan of mustard especially at this time of year. I maybe a spring/summer girl at heart but my favourite shades are definitely autumnal!
    There is that glow outside, isn't there, I find it hard to let go though.
    Happy new week,
    Vivienne x

  2. What a beautiful combination! I love them! Ada :)

  3. Just beautiful, the hint of mustard and crochet lace is just lovely. You find the best fabric. Have a wonderful day, it is feeling autumnal in these parts too!

  4. they're so pretty! i really like mustard in the fall :)

  5. Gorgeous - I love mustard pieces paired with lace - it whispers 'vintage' right away! Drooling over your fabric - seriously...

  6. They are absolutely perfect and most certainly for this time of year. I've always been a red girl, but over the past year or so mustard {and the odd yellow} has started to feature more...I think it was the footwear that started me off liking it.

    Anyhoo - have a fab day,

    Nina xxx

  7. Mustard & Old Lace..far better than Arsenic..hehe! I think my mother used to call it 'gold' back in those days..a very popular colour with teal..not a bad combination actually now I think of it. I hope you have a lovely day Kate!

  8. Such a beautiful pillow!! xo Heather

  9. I've got a real lust for mustard over the past few months Kate, the more I see it the more I love it.I don't like bright yellow though but mustard is perfect for this season and the combination of old crochet lace with mustard is heavenly. Ooooh these are just stunning xox Thanks for sharing them with us x Penelope

  10. I think they are beautiful Kate.
    I lovely mix with the vintage lace, just gorgeous.
    I always wear mustard at this time of year and my lounge is mustard, it has areal cosy feel.
    Wishing you a cosy week.
    Love Mariax

  11. Oh yes, autumnal is a word here, and a lovely one at that. I love your cushions!! Beautiful. Also a bit envious of your chair, pretty photos!

  12. nice pairing! autumn is to fall as supper is to dinner (i.e. words i might occasionally use vs words my husband would never use).

  13. Very lovely sewing and photos! xo

  14. ... and very pretty they are too. Mustard can be a lovely colour ranging from a bright Colman's yellow to a deep Dijon greeny gold, but it is the word that sounds a bit - well - mustardy!!

  15. They're lovely Kate, and perfect for autumn. In fact they had me thinking of the first frost on fallen leaves :)

  16. Beautiful colour combination of fabric and lace! They do have an autumnal feel, and are very elegant :)
    Helen x

  17. Dear Kate, I love the cushions, the chair and especially your lampshade! (which I'm presuming is handmade by you?)
    wishing you a happy week, Barbara
    ps Serbian violinist amazing ...


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