french flowers and stripes

I can't tell you how desperate I am to finish the knitting project I started months ago. Seriously, it was started last April, I can barely bring myself to say that, I feel so ashamed. Trouble is, every time I get the yarn out, the frisky kitties get over excited and to stop them from swooping in, I end up standing up, tension tightening with each stitch, until I can finish the row. Then it's hastily packed away in the bag until I can persuade them to go outside. It doesn't make for relaxation.

I had a doctor's appointment the other day and, given the historically lengthy endurance test in the waiting room, I took the knitting along. Yep, the doc was running on time for a change so I only managed a row before I was called in. Typical, isn't it?

Something I have managed to produce though is a couple of new purses. They are made with vintage French fabrics, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous swoon-worthy little pieces of history, there really is nothing like an old French design and colour to get the excitement going.

The children will be breaking up for yet another marathon holiday tomorrow so I'm frantically tying up a few loose ends before I shut up shop. I don't know how people do it actually. I mean, run a business and a family at the same time. I think I shall ponder on that one over the next few weeks, though something tells me there's no solution! Any ideas?

Hallelujah, another wonderful day outside. Temperatures are set to reach 24C again here in London .. that's warmer (and drier) than last Summer!

Happy days, everyone.


  1. The purses look wonderful. I don't have kitties to distract me from sewing, but 2 little boys who insist on 'helping'! Hope you get some time for knitting soon, enjoy the sunshine

  2. Beautiful purses, the French fabric is wonderful - especially the colour saturation.
    Wishing you a happy spring break, 24C sounds wonderful, the gardens must be lovely with their spring show.

  3. Oh the French fabric is so beautiful!!
    Good luck with the knitting (rascal cats)!!!
    Have a a lovely Easter holiday with the kids, 24 deg should mean that they (and the cats) will have plenty of outside play! It is getting a bit dry in your part of the country though, isn't it!
    Vivienne x

  4. Beautiful fabrics and perfect for this spring sunshine, hope they sell well.

  5. Oh Kate, you always have the most gorgeous of fabrics and I love coming here and just filling my eyes with beauty!

  6. Lovely purses again - I especially like the colours of the first one, very French!
    Have a good Easter break.

  7. Happy day and happy holidays Kate - I hope you have a smashing time.

    Nina xxxx

    ps. *excited* here too. N x

  8. The French fabric is beautiful! I hope you get some knitting done over the holiday...maybe the kitties will play outside a bit more now the weather is nicer and you can get on a bit faster! Hope you and the family have a great Easter holiday!
    Helen x

  9. gorgeous fabric, such a happy colour! Hope you are not knitting for a growing person - only motivation I have to hurry up and finish before too small! x

  10. The colours in that second purse are perfect ... first one nice, second one perfect!

    Have a lovely Easter hols Kate, whatever you get up to :D

  11. I actually gasped when these beautiful fabrics popped up on my screen!
    you have combined them so beautifully ...
    happy weekend, Kate

  12. Those purses are lovely, such beautiful fabrics. - annie

  13. The weather has been amazing! Hope you're having lots of fun in the holidays, and managing to switch-off from work mode, if only for a week or so! x

  14. Beautiful fabrics, especially in that first purse Kate. I don't know how people juggle family and work, I'm always amazed at people who have children, run a business, do a blog, like you Kate! I don't have children so I don't have to have that battle fortunately. That Sunday Cake looks mouth watering. My mouth is literally watering! Have a wonderful Easter break, hope you don't get the gales and snow we're having at the moment. Vanessa xxx

  15. Happy Easter Kate! More beautiful sewing I see. It's good to catch up a little and see that you are still creating beautiful pieces! Have a sunny week in all possible ways!

  16. They are lovely, Kate. As summary as your weather. Enjoy the holiday with your little people and no, I have no idea how people do all the things you are trying to do! For me something always 'gives'.

  17. Hab Dich beim Stöbern gefunden und wenn ich mich hier so umschaue, entdecke ich viele interessante Dinge. Dein Blog gefällt mir sehr gut! Vielleicht klickst Du mal rüber, ich würd mich freuen.
    Ganz liebe Rosaliegrüße ∙∙♥♥∙∙

  18. Hi Kate!
    I give you and other 8 bloggers, the "The Versatile Blogger Award". For further details check my blog!


    Maider xx


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