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You're going to have to scrap everything I said in my last post about how I was hopeful of the advent of warmer weather. The snow came on Saturday, bringing with it deep grey skies and fff-freezing temperatures and as a consequence my latest dress is going to have to wait a while because it makes me feel colder just looking at it!

The children and I had a great fun time in the garden yesterday, lobbing snowballs at one another. No photos to show, just a couple of melting ice mountains and a lot of damp clothing hanging off radiators in a bid to dry them off.

And I'm not sure what's come over me, perhaps it's the thought of spring cleaning that's on my mind but I'm suddenly in the mood for decluttering the fabric stash. All those lovely vintage pieces that have been squirrelled away need, and deserve, to see the light of day so I'm gradually going to be turning some of my ignored fabrics into a variety of things new and, hopefully, they'll be appreciated even more.

Take this salmon-pink French cotton, for example. It's been in the cupboard for a very long time and I remember being really excited when I recently saw the very same in Enrica Stabile's brilliant Comfortable Country. Whilst I didn't have enough to cover a whole chair as per the book, I thought perhaps cushions might be good so I made up a couple, using interfacing to add a bit of body to the fabric and cutting into one of my unused French metis sheets to use as backing. Metis is a linen/cotton blend, depending on when it was produced it has a cotton warp (lengthwise threads) and a linen weft (threads running at a right angle to the selvedge) and begins life, very much like linen, in an ecru state which gradually lightens with washing. It's lovely to sleep under but it also works well for decorative cushions!

These will be going into my new shop, not long now (fingers crossed)!!

Finally, you must check out this link from Pinterest, I guarantee it will have you reaching for the ice trays (as if there isn't enough ice around already). No recipe needed, gently melt your choc, minimal brushing of oil in the mould, and get pouring. My children are going to go wild when they see this!

Have a lovely week, bloggy pals.

PS. Thank you for your lovely comments on my dress last week, and all the slipper love too!


  1. Beautiful! Interesting about the metis too. I knew nothing about that. And as for your link...I love it! T x

  2. Beautiful! I could just imagine sqooshing one of these cuddled up on the sofa with a coffee and a magazine. Looking forward to seeing this shop Kate :D

  3. Beautiful fabric and lovely cushions I am sure the will quickly find a home.

  4. Beautiful Kate and indeed very French. :)
    I hope you don't mind me asking but out of interest where do you source all your gorgeous fabrics and beads?
    Now I'm off to check that link because you mentioned chocolate!!! ;)
    Have a good week,
    V x

  5. Beautiful cushions! Beautiful! And extra lovely against the stripy chair, to feature in a photo shoot for your new website I hope? Vanessa xxx

  6. Lovely colours and soft fabrics today, Kate! I love the combination of the stripy chair and the elegant French fabric cushions. You are very kind to share the link to the yummy chocolate covered strawberries too!
    Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  7. Kate, when I first saw the gorgeous fabric I fell in love immediately!
    The cushions are a true eye candy!!

  8. I also really like the combination of stripy sofa and cushion looks great! Hope your snow is not as vanished as ours! x

  9. Love the fabric - pretty colour. We have mountains of damp gloves etc too!

  10. Very French indeed; dare I say I'm in the right place to judge: ;-)

    I love that gentle shades pattern against stripes (so very Versailles) and I cannot wait to see your shop. Stephanie walks away from the computer drooling.

    Stay warm. We have had 15cm of snow; fairly rare where we live.

  11. Your cushion is lovely Kate...I am such a fan of vintage fabrics...the passing of time just seems to add to their beauty...this will be a perfect addition to your new shop...you must be so excited!
    Susan x
    P.S A much better alternative to play in the snow than sit with your arm packed in ice!...Hope it is feeling much better now..

  12. Love these cushions, such lovely vintage fabric - i too have the book you mention so i must have a look through it again to find your inspiration.

    Gill xx

  13. Beautiful! and I love the dress from the last post, that fabric is divine!

  14. We're all hanging on the edge of our seats - when is the grand opening to be?

    Pomona x

  15. Beautiful cushions. looking forward to the shop opening - Annie


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