100% linen

Have you ever had acupuncture? I had a session last week for my tendonitis. The Physiotherapist asked if I fancied trying it given it's success in relaxing deep tissue and, up for most things, I went for it. A long, thin needle was placed between each thumb and first finger (pain relief !) and then another three into my right arm. I'm sure I resembled a pin cushion only I couldn't look. Ooh, it was a strange sensation. A sudden surge of energy rushed around my hands and up my arm and it wasn't long before I was lying down, window wide open, feeling utterly pathetic. But any queasiness is stirred up in the mind you know and I very soon got used to it. Only then she came back and twiddled the needles some more, which sent the process off all over again. But as she predicted, within a couple of hours it felt much better, doubly great since at the time I felt as though my arm may drop off!

Half Term was a bit of a pain, too. Rather a damp squib actually and you may take that literally. When we got to the cottage in Dorset, an interesting stain was waiting for us on the ceiling directly below the shower so the plumber was called and he promptly hacked into the tiling to reveal our very own fountain. Needless to say the people who owned the house before us hadn't saved any tiles and because the originals have since been discontinued, we've ended up having the whole area redone. So the poor children had a bit of a non-eventful time of it, and seem to have developed a dislike to plumbers and tilers.

Needless to say, I wasn't sorry to get back home to normality .. and a different set of needles. I had cut out my latest linen offering before the holiday so it was rather a joy to get back and straight into the fun part. This will be going into the shop which is ... da da daaaaa, officially opening later this week!

Some more Irish linen, soft and super drapey and I just love this shade of marled blue. And the style is relaxed, I'd say. Easy. Throw-on. Wardrobe-staple. All of those adjectives. We're heavily into describing words in our household at the moment, that's Year 4 English lessons for you!

And have you picked up on my new labels. How grown up am I?

Have a lovely week.


  1. Beautiful! And elegant! And, yes, extremely grown up to have not just clothes but labels and a shop! Sorry to hear about the half term horrors. T x

  2. sorry to hear about the leak-that's never fun.
    i did have acupuncture just once ;)
    lovely blouse you made~can't wait to see the shop!!

  3. oh dear to the leak.... the linen top is amazing. love it. I had acupuncture for back pain and post natal depression, I never found it painful, a little uncomfortable at times, but it helped my back so much it was totally worth it. hope your treatments are helping x

  4. gorgeous labels, rubbish about the leak, acupuncture sounds good x

  5. Oh that is so gorgeous Kate, really, really gorgeous!
    Looking forward to seeing your new shop. :)
    I don't like plumbers and tilers either, messy, noisy, (expensive) people! ;)
    Vivienne x

  6. Your linen top is fabulous! Where do you buy your linen from??
    Sorry to hear about your shower woes

  7. I love the idea of your children incorporating 'wardrobe staple' into their literacy work!
    Love the blue linen top - such a wonderful shade.

  8. I am tempted to find about acupuncture for my ankle - wonder if it would cure some of the aches I've been left with.

    Love the colour of your new top - like proper spring skies (not the sort we had today).

  9. Not sure I fancy that acupuncture now lol :-) Glad it worked though. Sorry to hear about the fountain you didn't really want. Fab top, I really love linen and found a place that sells it for £7.99 a meter waahooo :-)

  10. It was so interesting to read what acupuncture really feels like! I'm glad it's helped your tendonitis. And sorry about the workmen in your holiday home...that is just the last thing you need!! Your new linen top looks beautiful, love that shade of blue, and the labels look so professional!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  11. I had acupuncture for foot pain and it was a very strange feeling, sort of light yet heavy at the same time and a sort of zinging feeling.
    Love the linen top, perfect for every day or any occasion.

  12. How did I miss this post! I've loved all your garments so far but I think this is the best yet! Good luck with that shop opening x


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