wool love

I was really excited to get hold of a bundle of vintage wool recently. Good, weighty stuff in perfect colours, shades that positively shout out vintage. And beautifully thick too, the equivalent of a pair of cosy, comfy slippers.

Of course some of it is being turned into purses. I adore woollen bags and purses and even more so at this time of year. And I'm actually enjoying decreasing the stash of crochet and lace that I've accumulated over the years, it's like a mini spring clean, almost.

I love taking a piece of fabric and marrying it up with its future lining, playing about with colour combinations and different prints. The mustard and grey have been paired with remnants of the fabric used for this shirt and the green checks are partnered with the Liberty lawn originally bought for the Model's dress back here.

The mustard and green purses have made it to the shop but as for the charcoal grey, I just can't quite do it yet .. my heart's holding on but my head is fighting hard. I got just the one piece of it, a perfect size to make this purse with not one thread of wastage involved. Can I part with it? I just don't know. You must know my feelings towards grey!

And talking of wool love, I've made a start on that wool dress I mentioned but it's going to be a slow process I think. What are you doing?


  1. Lovely, as always! Where do you source all these wonderful fabrics and beads and bits ?!

    I am knitting mistletoe, as you do ;D

  2. My absolute favourite part of the whole process of sewing is choosing the fabrics, once that is done it is just a matter of creating what is in my head 'cos I know how it will look..or is meant to look at least.

  3. I do love the mustard one, but the tweed is stealing my heart too - I think you should hold on tight to your grey one.

    Nina x

    ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

  4. Such beautiful colours and very 'you', I think? Yes, hold onto the grey one indeed!

    Marrying colours and textures is one of the nicest jobs.

    What am I doing? Oh, my goodness! Like many others probably too many things. I am knitting up a pullover for my cousin's newly adopted little boy from China; starting up a knitted coat (as you do) for my toddler, and a few other things besides....

  5. Keep it, you will love it and it is Christmas!
    Beautiful purses x

  6. Keep it as a gift for yourself!
    The pouches are adorable!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Totally keep it, soooo beautiful

  8. Beautiful as always and if I were you I would keep the grey one for yourself!
    I love picking the linings for my bags too, one of my favourite bits.
    You are very lucky to find such gorgeous fabrics.
    Vivienne x

  9. Vintage wool, yummmmmm.........

    I can understand why you want to hold onto the grey purse. The contrast of colour with the crochet motif is very striking. Love the mustard too.

    I think half the fun is putting the fabrics together, you just know when it's right don't you?

    I'm hosting my first giveaway, if you're interested just pop over and leave a comment......

    Claire :}

  10. The lining looks so lovely against the grey too, which would make it even harder to part with, I think...

  11. Beautiful purses in such lovely subtle wool fabrics, Kate. They are so stylish, and you should definitely keep the grey one for yourself! What am I doing? Some secret crochet for a surprise present, some sewing for a magazine, and now and then a few rows of a new knitted scarf! Hope you have a happy, cosy, crafty week.
    Helen x

  12. I adore these...off to visit your sweet hop right now...what fun. It must be hard to part with certain treasures you make. xoxo Hugs

  13. Hi Kate!
    I added a link from my blog last post to your blog and shop.
    Maider x

  14. tried to message you on twitter but not really sure it worked!! THANK YOU for the gorgeous purse and the ever so kind extra bits.....felt like Christmas! What a beautiful lift to my morning xx

  15. Lucky you, love the mustard one and the lovely lining x

  16. o wow! those are def very very cute!!


  17. Those colours really are vintage aren't they, and so beautiful, especially the mustard colour. You're making a wool dress! That sounds very exciting Kate! Vanessa xxx

  18. Merry Christmas Kate! I'm off to the wedding and will be back again here in late January..until then, enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

  19. Is cozy a good word for a purse? I love all the purses you make.

  20. Pretty, pretty (and precise) work!
    I love these!


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