kicking leaves

These recent gales we've been subjected to have blown down any remaining leaves I would say and before the rain started, they were deep and crisp and decidedly crunchy.

We had to have some repair work done on the roof this week and my eyes are still watering at the thought of how much money we had to part with. It would appear that roofing is quite the industry to be in, although I didn't envy the guy when the wind was howling around the chimney tops. But at least there's hope for a dry house this Winter and now I don't flinch quite so much at the merest mention of any snow that may come over the next few months.

I've been beavering away in my little space all week, only taking time out to watch the childrens' various school activities and presentations as they begin the run up to Christmas. Just a couple of weeks to go before it's school's out, can you believe it?

I added another cashmere purse to the pile, this one's a lovely conker-brown shade, with vintage Liberty lawn and 1920s appliqued blossoms which look as though they're being blown about in the wind too.

Have a great weekend, everyone. It's a beautiful day today.


  1. Lovely purse and those little appliqued blossoms are so sweet........

    Kicking through piles of leaves fun for the young and young at heart......

    Despite the cost I'm sure you'll be pleased the roof is fixed so the weather can now do it's darndest and you'll be cosy and snug inside..

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  2. Oh dear, I just popped over to NOTHS to take a closer look at these cuties and had a 'be mine' moment with a bluebird purse! I just wish I could have justified treating myself to some of the jewellery. Maybe I should point a Christmas shopping husband in your direction. Now there's a thought ;D

    Happy leaf kicking x

  3. You have two lovely piles (the leave and the cashmere one). I just love photographing little ones in the leaves. Have a happy weekend! and yes, roofing is the industry to be in. We had ours done (house is 1912), the roofers had to take off seven layers of shingles!

  4. Lovely photos Kate! And the new addition too!
    I must confess that in the course of years "we" (mostly husband himself and my reference to him) wished to be in other industries too:
    Him: (when kids were babies) Wow, with this rate of changing diapers I will have to seek employment in the diaper industry!
    Me (years later): Eva your father is not a shoemaker - mind your shoes - you don't have to kick every single stone on the street !(Eva's trainers /shoes can't stay alive for more than a month 1/2).
    Both: We don't work in the paper factory. Be careful with the toilet paper!

    I completely understand you on this one :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Lovely leaves and beautiful purse. Hope the roof isn't too eye-wateringly pricey and that you have a lovely dry winter.

  6. Nothing quite like kicking leaves. :)
    What a beautiful purse, I love the colour!
    Have a great weekend!
    Vivienne x

  7. Kicking leaves is just wonderful! Love the purse (and the label so cute!) x

  8. Can't beat big piles of crunchy leaves for a bit of autumn fun. Ahem, I might have done a bit of kicking myself during the last couple of days.

  9. All those leaves! We still have a few clining and fortunately we haven't suffered the gales so much down here - like the rest of the country.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxxxxx

  10. It is good to have that roof fixed and to have bought yourselves a whole lot of peace of mind! Your little brown purse is cute and I love the colours in your latest bracelet..violets and lemons..mmmm.


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