christmas tree

Well, the tree is done. It went up yesterday but was still wet. Within hours, Alfie the tabby cat had been up to investigate the top but it's a good solid one so we're hoping it will last the course. The children decorated the tree today and we had the grand turning on of the lights this evening, amid Christmas carols and general over excitement. Christmas has begun and now I think I could be feeling festive.

I notice there isn't an even spread of decorations on this tree. There are areas where it practically bows and then there are parts where it looks positively bald. But I won't interfere. I'm not going to. I'm really not ..

Four more sleeps.


  1. THinking of you last night while sewing little wool cases for my family for Christmas. Sewing in my tags just like you do, and of course my tags are from the same place!!! I will take photos to post after Christmas

  2. Bet you do...! ;)
    It looks great!
    V x

  3. Your tree is perfect and I am so glad everyone is feeling festive. Happy Christmas my bloggy friend.

    We are going to have a green Christmas in these parts.

  4. what is it about cats and christmas trees, we have learnt to always have little wire guyropes to secure it.....

  5. we don´t have a tree since we have our Norwegian Forestcats... the are heavy weight (8,5kg) and huge cats, i afraid no tree would survive their expeditions :)

    wishing you all the very best and have a very happy christmas, dear Kate!


  6. But I won't interfere. I'm not going to. I'm really not ...


  7. We wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said...it looks lovely - a very happy Christmas to you all.

  8. such a beautiful tree... not long now, getting excited... Happy Christmas to you and yours....

  9. Looks lovely, with gorgeous decorations. Our tree is completely empty (removed by small child) at the bottom and looks slightly odd but there really is no point in changing it....I think!

  10. Hubby and I had to dec ours on our own this year. My daughter laughed when she saw the bauble distribution! Yours looks fab xxxx

  11. Your tree and your home look beautiful and cosy, Kate! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.
    Helen x

  12. Two sleeps and counting now. May you and your family have a most merry and delightful Christmas. T x

  13. Lovely tree - glad it has survived the cats so far!
    Ours seems puppy proof but our big dog is very interested in some of the parcels under it.
    Have a lovely Christmas.


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