shades of grey

I've been very industrious these last few days, restocking the shop after several months of neglect. What's more, I haven't made any jewellery for such a long time and had a real urge to make a chunky, yet feminine, bracelet to see in the new season.

I'm having a pearl moment right now and these vintage glass pearls are stunning. They date back many many decades and come from the factories of the late, great, Miriam Haskell (1899 - 1981). The one who started it all! So much variety; dimpled, smooth, some perfectly round, others haphazardly shaped, each one different and interesting in its own right. All so wonderfully tactile.

I also made a couple of purses with some lovely vintage fabric, originally used for curtains I think. The slate grey background is a great combination with the pink blousy cabbage roses and the whole thing looks muted and understated with the soft cotton floral lining. As well as making a regular purse sized one, I made an oversized version and boxed the corners so it will stand comfortably when filled with an array of goodies.

I've also spent a little time going through my wardrobe, packing away the majority of my summer clothes. They don't seem to have been out that long. But it's good to welcome back some old favourites and yes, there is a lot of grey there too!

Which season are you wearing now and more importantly, have the tights come out yet?


  1. Your bracelet looks very special, I love the muted tones and the gleam that the beads have, I can imagine them feeling silky,smooth and cool to touch.

  2. Lovely bracelet and I love a pretty grey too. It goes with so many different colours too.

  3. No tights yet, still bare feet and Crocs!!! I like to cling on by my fingertips!
    I have however been buying some clothes in rusty shades so I'm gradually moving in the autumn direction!
    Your bracelet is so pretty Kate and I love your purses too, grey would be a favourite of mine too at this time of year.
    Vivienne x

  4. Beautiful shades of pink and grey. Pearls and chintzy roses - could be a 'look'. Never seemed to totally break into the summer wardrobe. I bought a couple of tops and have hardly worn them. However my spring/autumn inbetweens seems to all be looking decidedly well worn!

  5. I love the bracelet and the purses are very pretty too. I think I would consider some bedroom curtains in just that fabric. We must be in about the same season right now. The tights haven't quite gone away but I'm increasingly reaching for the versatile jeans/ballet flats combination. That way I can start the morning with a coat and end it in a t-shirt as the sun shines through.

    Thank you for your very helpful comments on my sewing. You have got me thinking about what I can do with the sack. I won't toss it yet.

  6. I personally love all shades of gray and that necklace is adorable. This also goes for the rose fabric, my... such a beauty!!
    We are still barefoot here and hoping this "Indian" summer would stick for a little more :)

  7. Such lovely pieces Kate, always love your use of grey and cranberry shades. For my sisters' and I made beaded cuffs for my youngest sister's wedding in 2001, using grey pearls. It is still one of the my favourite pieces. I love grey all year round. The tights officially came out last Monday. I have started to branch out this season and picked up a few pairs of lace tights!

  8. I'm still clinging to these last late warm days we're having - I'm not too keen to start wearing boots or tights yet.

    I love the grey beads - beautiful with the pink.

    Nina x

  9. I understand there's some rule here that says 'no white after Labour Day' but it's hot and stinky so today I am wearing cram trousers in the hope that the fashion police give me a pass. Lovely bracelet. C.x

  10. no tights as yet but i am looking longingly at my gloves, hats and scarves!
    lovely jewellery and bags too

  11. wow that bracelet is really lovely and the case is gorgeous too. x

  12. The bracelet looks stunning, those pearls are wonderful.

  13. Beautiful pearls! I love the way they're all clustered together. Today I'm in boots & a skirt- autumn but with the potential for a warm afternoon

  14. I love the bracelet, I'm a massive fan of grey. Clothes, housey stuff, anything, I love it.
    I've been back in my boots for weeks now, mainly because I find boots the most comfortable thing to walk in. I think today will be a good day to put the summer stuff away, even though we are due a heatwave!

  15. No tights! I'm still in sandals at home, but unfortunately in my job they stipulate closed toes, so it's been horrible ankle highs all summer long ... groan! x

  16. That bracelet is absolutely beautiful. The colours fall very firmly into my favourite category. If I was in shopping mode, which unfortunately I'm not, due to the big-spending month we just had to have, that bracelet would be coming to live out its days with me in Sydney.


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