childhood treasures

Last week the husband went down to Cornwall on a short business trip and stayed a night with my parents. As well as a goodie box filled with lots of self seeded Agapanthus plants for the garden, he brought back a crate packed with books which my father had been storing in their loft for years. Looking through the contents brought back some lovely memories, of things I'd completely forgotten all about.

Predominantly ladybird books, there are so many of them and on a wide variety of subjects too. Someone in the house took a liking to the bible stories, it would seem, and there's one that interests me greatly called Helping at Home. Now, this is one I shall be surreptitiously leaving on the kitchen table .. ever the hopeful!

There are two or three books that came back with us from America which have lovely illustrations on rocks and minerals, insects and mammals and will definitely be useful at some stage. But it was when I saw the likes of Downy Duckling, The Wise Robin, The Discontented Pony and, my goodness my favourite, Tootles the Taxi, that I really got excited as I suddenly remembered them like it was only yesterday.

It's rather sad to think that the majority of these are no longer appropriate for our children so away into the attic they will go, hopefully to be unpacked in years to come for another generation. Once I've re-read them all, that is!

As I type Andy Murray is on the Centre Court .. only after a cracking start it's all starting to go wrong. I must go and join in the shouting!

Happy weekend to you x


  1. The fact that many of us remember with such affection our childhood books (and even quote from time to time phrases from them in my case) just proves how important books and reading and stories are to children doesn't it. What a treasure trove you have there - enjoy your reading!

  2. Can't bare to watch Andy any more - have retreated to the computer to take my mind off of it but I can hear the groans coming from the front room!

  3. How lucky that they'd hung onto them over the years.

    My Ladybirds were passed through the 7 of us and then my Mum gave them away :( She never realised they were going to become so collectable - mind you they were probably in well loved condition.

    Am now collecting any I can find - especially the ones I remember reading.

  4. I have some of those books too in my attic Kate! I loved the Ladybird nature books, 'What to look for in Summer' etc. I also loved Tootles the Taxi!!
    Vivienne x
    P.S. Poor Andy! :(

  5. I love this collection! My husband and I have saved our Ladybird books from our childhood (not nearly as extensive as yours), but such wonderful topics. My oldest likes one one about Lionheart!

    PS and don't believe the news, Canadians are going absolutely crazy about the Royal Visit!

  6. What a blast from the past that is!
    Enjoy your trip down memory lane.

  7. Oh this is a valuable collection you've got here!! When visiting antique / thrift stores I hope of bumping into old children's book, but I am not always accompanied by Lady Luck!

  8. I absolutely loved Ladybird books when I was little, especially the fairy tales with their amazing painted illustrations. I love the fact that they're all decked out in medieval tunics one minute and 18th century pompadours the next! My oldest son loved all my old Ladybirds when he was a bit younger too. x

  9. We had so many of them as children Kate, but my mother was not one to hold on to things and they are no more. I love them though and really must get around to scouting some out x

  10. Wow, that is a fabulous collection of children's books. Happy reading!

  11. That's a wonderful collection of your old childhood books - how lovely that your parents kept them! Those little books were surprisingly informative and varied - quite useful to have around now to brush up on a few facts! I love the ones that try to set children a good example, like the helping mummy one! Enjoy your reading!
    Helen x

  12. Heirlooms if ever I saw them!! Fab!!! (Which is more than you could say for Murray!! John Macenroe is ace though!! xxxx

  13. How fun to remember the memories you'd forgotten. My kids have had my old books, so they may not last for the next generation!

    And re: your question. Yes, we've seen bald eagles in our yard - sometimes flying over sometimes perched. Once I saw one swoop down from a tree, catch a small brown furry thing, and fly off with it. It was amazing - watching the food chain work, hehe!


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