sound of music blouse

Thank you for your good health messages, I think they may have worked because I feel a whole lot better now.

I don't know about you but The Sound of Music is one of my very favourite vintage films, I don't think I could ever tire of watching it. Which is just as well seeing as it's on the box nearly every Christmas!

So when I found a pair of light cotton 'drapes' in a charity shop I knew exactly what I had to do with them. Do you remember the scene where the Captain and Baroness drive past what turns out to be his children hanging out of the trees, laughing merrily. Then he later confronts Maria, with one of the girls' headscarves in his hand -

Captain von Trapp: Now, Fraulein. I want a truthful answer from you.

Maria: Yes, Captain?

Captain von Trapp: Is it possible - or could I have just imagined it - have my children by any chance been climbing trees today?

Maria: Yes, Captain.

Captain von Trapp: I see. And where, may I ask, did they get these... ummm...

Maria: Play clothes.

Captain von Trapp: Oh, is that what you call them?

Maria: I made them. From the drapes that used to hang in my bedroom.

Captain von Trapp: Drapes?

Maria: They still have plenty of wear left. The children have been everywhere in them.

Captain von Trapp: Do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old drapes?

Maria: Mmm-hmmm. And having a marvellous time!

Though perfectly sweet, the fabric isn't that special so I didn't want too laborious a project and when it came down to it, the majority of time was spent finding a pattern that would lend itself to the panels, since they were, indeed, very narrow. But perseverance paid off in the form of the Japanese book Stylish Girls' Clothes, where I found a simple but sweet little blouse (you can see another repurposed blouse which came from this same book if you like). The nicest thing about this top is the rows of stitching that run the length of the front, with a horizontal bar of fabric at the bottom of the opening. I used a small piece of Japanese ribbon I already had in the jar for that.

Now naturally I would have made the lederhosen to match, sorry I just didn't have the time!

I'll leave you with this lovely clip from the film - drapes and all!

Have a lovely week x


  1. Hi Kate, sorry to hear you have been poorly. Gorgeous blouse with gorgeous model too! x

  2. What a lovely blouse - so good to have you back blogging. Was in Dorset this weekend having a lovely time. x

  3. What a gorgeous blouse, so pretty!
    I have to say I prefer you fabric to Maria's. :)
    I can just you all marching around singing Do Re Mi. :)
    Vivienne x

  4. I love the blouse, fabric, model and kitty. Your work is so professional and fits well.

    I saw the Sound of Music for the first time in 1978 and I watch it at least once every year so I really love your reference. The costumes in that film are wonderful, especially the "play clothes" from drapes!

  5. The blouse looks very sweet and the ribbon is a nice touch.

    We are very fond of the Sound of Music here too, although my fondness has waned somewhat since we acquired our own dvd copy and I began to get weekly doses of Maria and co. Once a year is about right, I think!

  6. Ingenuious! It looks really lovely. xxx

  7. I feel exactly the same about The Sound of Music - I watch every re-run! And I went to see the musical a few years ago too.
    Gorgeous blouse too!

  8. What a lovely blouse! I have purchased drapes for clothing many a time and have thought of the scene from the movie!

  9. Adorable! You need a matching one!K

  10. I am a Sound of Music fan..and think curtains make perfectly good outfits. I love the fresh look that your repurposed fabric has made..perfect for those hot summer days! I am so glad you're feeling better too..will keep praying for your full health.

  11. A drop of golden sun... so sweet, love the shirt, great pattern! I hadn't realised you were poorly, hope you are better?

    Thanks for the Moonwalk wishes, quite excited and scared in equal quantities!

    Sarah x

  12. I love this shirt - such a sweet pattern and it works beautifully in that fabric. I loved the Sound of Music clip too - a bit of nostalgia, and what lovely clothes made from drapes - it's great to find interesting textile moments like that on film! Have a great week.
    Helen x

  13. Glad you're feeling better.
    What a sweet blouse. I don't remember that bit in the film, but it is a while since I've seen it.

  14. such a beautiful post ... thank you!

  15. What a lovely shirt! The pattern is so sweet :)
    Love The Sound of Music! Brings back such happy memories!

  16. Such a great looking shirt! It reminds me of a shirt that I made for my daughter a while back - well, mine wasn't so nice, but it does have a split neck opening, with a bit of tape across the bottom...


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