I bought this Easter tree long ago and out it comes each year. The branches are very accommodating and bend nicely which ever way we so choose .. or should I say 'the children choose', for tree decorating is purely their domain. I have even resisted the temptation to move a decoration or two from overfilled branches, in order to give to those with none!

So we are getting ready for Easter. My parents join us tomorrow and, seeing as I've not seen them in way too long, I have to say tomorrow won't come soon enough.

But we won't be celebrating Good Friday this year. Oh no no no, there is something way more exciting and important in our diaries, excitement levels are running high and the (long) countdown is very nearly over ...


  1. Such a pretty little tree...best wishes for a lovely Easter..
    Susan x

  2. I'm curious now!! Almost as curious as your kitten!
    Love your Easter tree, I've put ours up too but ours is a bunch of pussy willows.
    Enjoy the time with your family! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. I love your easter tree, looks great! kitten looks very cute as well!

  4. What a pretty tree :)

    I tend to use just branches cut from the garden but something like that would be great - more space to hang things!!

  5. Very cute tree! And you're such a tease...please don't keep us in suspense too long!

    Happy Easter!

    Love Diana and Walter xxx

  6. It is a sweet tree. We are very low key at Easter and now I am feeling that we (I) might have done more. Looking forward to hearing what you have been counting down. T x

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment, your easter tree looks delicious, hope you have a wonderful easter break with your family.
    lily x

  8. sounds very exciting, have a lovely time x

  9. What a lovely Easter tree...I love that your cat wanted to decorate too..or something!

  10. I love your sweet decorations and pretty tree. It IS hard not to start re designing children's tree decorating, especially when unevenly dsitrbuted isn't it?! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter break.
    Helen x

  11. I love that last photo Kate!

    Ooh I wonder what your surprise may be ....

    Have a lovely Easter with your folks.

    Oh and Tyneham looks like a really nice place to visit.


  12. The tree is really lovely - a great thing to do!

    Pomona x


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