blue stitches

I bought these vintage beauties not so long ago but haven't quite decided on how to use them yet. Or perhaps they'll just sit looking wonderful but adding to the general clutter that is my sewing room these days. Beautiful clutter though!

I've also been having fun playing around with stitch patterns these last couple of days. Finding myself in between knitting projects and with an old ball of Rowan and a pair of 4mm bamboos in the cupboard, I decided to try some out and get a little practice in at the same time. Photographing today was not quite so pleasurable with the darkest of Spring days to contend with!

{simple eyelet, diamonds, lace star rib}

It's quite amazing that with a pair of needles and a piece yarn, such a variety of patterns can be created, don't you think? Do you have a favourite stitch pattern to recommend?


  1. Love that diamond pattern.

  2. Love those vintage reels - the colours are so calm & beautiful. I have been obsessed with crochet recently but must get back to knitting - I really miss it.

  3. What wonderful muted colours. x

  4. Beautiful photographs and lovely soft colours.

  5. my favourites are ajour-patterns which looks like lace :)
    (but most of the time i am not patient enough to work a larger piece of it)

    lots of grettings!

  6. Oh I do love all those lovely chalky blues. :)
    I like your little lattice stitch, I also love cables, so many different effects with them!
    Vivienne x

  7. Hmm I'm not a knitter so I am happy creating a bit of neat rib. Love the lacy sample and those vintage blue threads are a treat.

  8. I love the variety - it is truly amazing what can be done, as you say.

    I'm not big on knitted things, but I would have to say cable is my favourite - to wear - at the moment....as if I could knit!!

    Hope the dark day lifts,

    Nina xxx

  9. Such a beutiful colour and how lovely to create texture.... I wish I was competent enough to have a go!

    Sarah x

  10. I can only do plain old 'knit one, purl one' Kate so these stitch patterns look great. I think those vintage threads will be a lovely addition to your sewing room, they're not meant to be tidy are they:-))

    Kitten looks rather startled by the inanimate object holding the door open, which I have to say is very covetable!


  11. No recommended stitch patterns from me! I love that shade of blue though. x

  12. Knitting is such a relaxing craft, love your practice pieces, beautiful colour yarn and interesting pretty patterns.
    Lovely blog.

  13. You are starting to taking this knitting business seriously! I like all of your pretty stitches but don't have any of my own to recommend. I definitely stay on the simple side of knit and purl. T x

  14. I especially love the top photo ...

  15. Oh my Gosh! These are precious!
    I don't have a favourite pattern although at one time I was obsessed with cables. Lion brand offers numerous fantastic patterns (for free); you should check them out!

  16. wow, such lovely, set of reel's. I am a sucker for moss stitch. I love the feel of it as well as the look.

  17. speaking of maple jealousy....I just had 52 ounces of maple candy arrive in the post (husband is taking it to Japan as hostess gifts)!!! We did have to try one with tea this afternoon.


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