two good things

I received Diana's giveaway prize today, which was a visual feast from the moment I opened the outer envelope. I love her pared down, simplistic style; the fact she used all recyclable materials to present and pack her lovely handmade cards and notebook that lay therein. The cardboard the goodies were attached to will doubtless be taken by the children for their crafting, as will the thread that was used for wrapping. And the contents, of course, will be treasured by me! Her work is so beautiful, she really should get some up for sale so everyone can experience this. Thank you so much Diana - and Walter of course, for taking the trouble to go to the Post Office too!

And more goodness came recently from Jo, in the form of her liebster blog award, which celebrates blogs with fewer than 300 followers. Do you remember when you first started your blog? How you got really excited when someone came to comment and then even more so when they came back a second time? Jo's just starting out with her lovely flowering cherries blog, so do go and say hello. Thank you Jo.

I've been tagged already quite recently, so wasn't particularly keen to do another this soon but the liebster involves no work, other than to introduce who it came from and then to pass it on to a further 3-5 bloggers. I'm going to send all my nominations across the various seas, to -

I really enjoy popping over to see what craftiness and dressmaking they've been up to and really, what strikes me is that no matter where in the globe we belong, we all like pretty much the same things.

Happy Thursday x


  1. You are so sweet XOX and everything you said is bang on. (beautiful giveaway too!)

  2. Glad you liked it Kate! Great new-to-me links, too. Thanks!

  3. Yes, I think Diana should open a webshop too Kate (nag, nag). Lovely things and I'm now off to look at htose other blogs. have a lovely weekend x

  4. Lovely things - lucky you. Have a great weekend. xxxxxx

  5. What a lovely package of goodies, lucky you!!!
    Will check out the new links, thanks!
    Vivienne x

  6. Yummy, scrummy - what a wonderful package of goodies.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xx

  7. It was my pleasure :o)

    Have a great weekend.

    Jo x

  8. Lovely things, lucky you!
    I will go and visit those blogs now, as they are all new to me.

  9. Oooh, what a lovely giveaway prize, lucky you! Well done on winning the award, too. we have a grand total of 25 followers (and counting), so we know all about checking for comments, etc! Laura x

  10. Hi Kate
    Many thanks for the award.
    I'm glad you appreciate my blog.
    I am also happy that we found each other's blogs. Because as you say so, we share the same passion for Liberty of London, sewing, crochet and beautiful needlework
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Yes, I remember being thrilled to read my first comment, on this, my first blog. I like Diana's style, as simplicity has always been my favoured style too. Like wrapping in brown paper. Congrats on winning the lovely prize. I like the idea of celebrating blogs with fewer followers. That would be both of mine! x

  12. Thank you so much for tagging my blog. I´m a bit late commenting (a couple of days in blogland is an eternity), but I´m still around and will do my best to pop in and say hello. I joined your blog because of all the lovely and beautiful crafting you make and show us and I think your prize is well deserved. All the best, MarĂ­a

  13. Congratulations on your award, tag and giveaway win Kate! I too love the simplicity of Diana's craftwork, perhaps if we drop enough hints for a webshop ....!

    The fabrics in your last post look mighty intriguing.



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