a knitting first

For all the hinting that's been done over the last few weeks, finally there is something to show. Yes, it's true that to anyone else this is a scarf but to me, it's a SCARF! For this is a first. Unabandoned and completed anyway. A most monumental achievement - yippeeeeee.

Agreed, it has taken a while because it's been picked up and put down on so many occasions, sometimes only a row or two done before duty called elsewhere. I intended to get a lot done during my Jury Service period but it was confiscated on the first day. Thankfully, we were reunited on Day 2, once I promised faithfully to behave and so into the Jurors' Waiting Room those knitting needles finally came.

My knitting saga caused much hilarity because to begin with it was assumed the needles were considered a risk to everyone else (despite the fact it wasn't me on trial!). However by the end of a whole week hanging around with nothing whatsoever to do, we all concluded they were actually a risk to myself for wanting to end the boredom. In the end, not a lot of stitchery was done anyway since there were some really fun people to chat to and we became pretty close, especially once we finally did manage to sit a case.

But now, completion conquered, the elation is really quite something I have to say.

Jenny Lord 'held my hand' through this lovely book. With her guidance (and the odd tutorial on YouTube) I can now cast on, knit one purl one, unravel and place stitches back on the needles (!) and cast off. The yarn is Debbie Bliss, Fez in charcoal, 85% extrafine merino, 15% camel and it feels fabulous.

And here, in the words of Jennifer Aniston, comes the 'science bit' -

length of scarf - 1.7m
balls used - 4
stitches cast on - 37
stitch used - moss
number of holes - 0
number of rows unravelled and reknitted - countless!

Despite the fact its completion couldn't have been timed any better, what with this bitterly cold weather, it is actually destined for some lovely tissue paper where it will wait quietly for the next 10 days. Say no more.

As for those gorgeous kittens - they are becoming naughtier and bolder by the day and that little reserved one? Hmmm, not so sure where I got that idea from!! Thank you for the advice on tackling the Christmas tree, I shall keep you posted on the fun and games that brings ..

Keep warm everyone x


  1. Well done on completing the scarf....it looks lovely

  2. Well knitted and well modelled! You can do quite a lot of damage with a knitting needle I suspect! xxxxx

  3. Well done on your scarf completion! Looks gorgeous, such fabulous yarn too!I have sooo many unfinished knitting projects! Those little kittens are just too cute!
    Rachel x

  4. Gorgeous scarf, the yarn looks so soft!
    Have fun with those kittens. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. A real sense of achievement I imagine? Looks lovely and cosy. Have fun with the kittens they will be cats all too soon (although of course cats are lovely too!)


  6. Love that scarf, love the idea of a knitting kneedle being a lethal weapon and the fact that the court doesn't even have any trust in their own Jury people (jurours?). Ohh I blogged about your lovely earings recently.

  7. Oh well done, congratulations! It is a great looking scarf and actually finishing something is such a fantastic feeling, isn't it? Lucky person whoever will receive it.

  8. Your scarf is great. I love moss stitch but I always find it such a pain to knit, so well done for perservering.

  9. A beautiful scarf. Seed/moss stitch scarf is a tricky place to begin. I hope your work is appreciated.

  10. Such lovely even stitches, it looks fantastic!

  11. Your scarf is beautiful, what a great job for the first time you've ever knitted, very impressed! I had to back track as I must have missed your post on the kittens...I can't believe you have 3!!! But..am so proud of you for rescuing the whole family!! Very sweet.

  12. Congratulations!! love the grey, of course. It is absolutely beautiful.

  13. Well done you! That is a lovely scarf.I've just been oohing and aaaahing over your adorable kitten pics on your last post.Do you have any baubles left on you tree?!! ;0)

  14. your scarf is great. and that looks like a great book xxx

  15. The scarf looks brilliant, well done!
    I like moss stitch too but find it takes a lot of concentration or it goes horribly wrong. I wonder what you will knit next?

  16. Love this Kate, you clever girl! And you have such good taste picking out that Fez in Charcoal (I would say that, I've used it myself, but seriously, it's lovely wool!!).

    Think I'm getting the Jenny Lord book for christmas. What's on your needles now?

    D x

  17. Hello,
    I'm doing the same scarf , the same pattern but with a lighter grey.
    Will show it on completion .

  18. Hi, scarf looks fantastic, but have to say that purls of wisdom book really is full of purls of wisdom. I would never have found this site without it! Keep up the good work x


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