one for the boys?

It is Half Term after all ...

My son delights in showing me a variety of Lego Star Wars related short films on YouTube. Quite frankly they suck but finally here's one that is actually pretty clever. It lasts nearly nine minutes but you get the general idea after only a couple, so don't blame me if you sit the duration waiting for something life changing to happen. However, if you, too, have a SW fan in your household (young or old!), I bet you they'll approve!

Have a lovely day x

(PS : I just want you to know that not all my holidays have been so fraught, in fact the majority have been utterly wonderful and completely problem free. And yes, perhaps some of you have a point and I should announce future travel plans so you may avoid that particular area like the plague!!)


  1. My 2 love that sort of thing - they've even attempted to make their own films with limited success.

  2. Thank goodness my boys are all grown up. Although that doesn't seem to stop them from behaving like kids most of the time, lol.

  3. What a great little find by your son Kate.

    I love the accompanying music!


  4. I love these YouTube lego films - and it was my son that introduced me as well.

    Nina xxx

  5. Just had a lovely read back as I realised I haven't been by for a while. Naughty work interferes with my blog reading.

    Some gorgeous makes Kate. Loved all your daughter's dresses and felt a bit whistful for days when I could get my girls into beautiful things like that. Since turning 8 my youngest just does jeans, she turns her nose up at all the other lovelies in her wardrobe.

    Hope your half-term is good and sane after your holiday extravaganza.


  6. Hi,
    This is a cute film of Youtube.
    I eanjoy a lot .

    And thank you for lovely comment on my birtday.

  7. I saw similar film before!
    My hubby was obessesed with them... So much so that he made its own video!
    Must show him, this one!
    Thanks for sharing!



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