I recently made a trip to my favourite fabric shop in town, a real treasure trove that isn't a million miles away from me and thankfully doesn't involve a congestion charge to get there. The clue's in the title really. Do you know that typically English village fete game when you guess the number of sweeties in the jar? Well, if you were to do that with the number of fabric bolts stacked in high piles here, you would undoubtedly be a million miles off, for it's a testament to their organisational skills that they can fit it all in, plentiful as it is. The prices are reasonable too.

The last time I went, I warned them I'd put an hour and a half in the parking meter outside and, despite the fact they probably thought I was nuts, I still had to run at breakneck speed before a warden beat me to it! Many moons ago I had a flat pretty much on their doorstep and never went in the shop, such was my interest in sewing then ... good grief it's just as well I don't live there now, can you imagine how fatal that would be on the wallet? They don't sell online, which is a shame, but it's well worth a detour if you're ever in the area.

Whilst there, I was lucky enough to grab the last couple of metres of Liberty's 'eloise', perfect for doing a spot of dressing up on my seven year old doll!! This is 'lantana', 80% cotton, 20% wool, which feels luxuriously soft and so very cosy. I lined the dress, just like the previous one, only with the most sumptuous of berry-colours that I spied sitting under the counter. These colours shout out loud and clear that it's autumn now and that little bit of added weight from the lining adds heaps to the overall snuggliness, I think.

The pattern comes from my latest Japanese acquisition, yet another goodie for the collection. It's a lovely, straightforward, dress to make up - actually it's really a tunic but I added length to the hem and sleeves as per madamoiselle's requirements. Two mop buttons finish the look at the back and honestly, I could just jump into this right now and snuggle up for evermore.

Want to see the model's payment terms?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend x


  1. Lovely dress - delightful model and I will certainly be going to find that shop when I am in London some time. My daughter lived near there before she went off on her travels - wonder if she will live in that area again on her return - hope so!


  2. Gorgeous dress and stunning model! Liberty fabrics are sooooo lovely. xxx

  3. Gorgeous !! And you know what ? That fabric shop was MY shop !! In French : j'habitais juste a cote l'an derbies et J'y allais tres souvent. Ils ont de très beaux tissus pas trop chers ! amazing !

  4. Quite beautiful! Both the dress and the girl. Your shop sounds like a gem too. I hope you have a happy weekend. T x

  5. Beautiful fabric! I love those little Liberty designs. The dress is so sweet, as is the model!

  6. The dress, fabric, and stitching are gorgeous and absolutely classic - and I think your model is totally reasonable!!!

  7. She looks like she is having fun jumping off that chair! Lovely fabric and gorgeous dress. :-)

  8. Beautiful fabric, I'm swooning over it, and the dress is gorgeous! It is indeed fall over here and I need to get to making some warmer clothes for my little jumping bean!

  9. Ready, steady......jump!

    I love the fabcric and I think I would spend all day in a shop like that just staring and meditaing at the fabric.

    And as for the dress pattern - I love it, I want it...is it really that easy?

    Another Japanese book to investigate and tempt me - tut, tut!

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  10. I wish I lived nearer this shop but at least they're at Malvern each year so hopefully I'll be seeing them again at the end of this month!

  11. That fabric is so beautiful. It reminds me even more that I need to get sewing. I would love to be able to make a perfect little dress like that.

  12. Divine! The dress, the fabric and the daughter.
    It looks so comfy and girly and warm.
    I love it all.

  13. Oh it's gorgeous and so is she! Beautiful fabric and the book sounds great too. HAve a lovely rest of weekend Kate x

  14. Hi Kate
    I love it. The fabric, the pattern you've used amd offcouce the model.
    But you've probably already discovered that I love Liberty of London.

    I've got google translate on my blog.
    Simply insert www.silasogsol.blogspot.com
    Thank you for your always nice comments.

  15. The fabric and the dress are beautiful!
    And the model... She is super cute, too! Lol


  16. Gorgeous fabric and sweet dress - looks like leaping off the chair was great fun!

  17. If you could ship that store to Sydney, we'd appreciate it. Lovely dress.

  18. Gorgeous, Eloise is one of my very favourite Liberty prints.


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